Useful treatment for sinus

sinus, sinus treatmentWe have all heard of people complaining about their sinus problem and how they are affected by it at the oddest of times. The most complain of those suffering from sinus is sinus headaches and it can occur at any time, when you were going to sleep, attending a busy meeting or simply looking forward to have a good time with friends and family. Sinus headaches can be severe though at times they can be mild and bearable. If you are one of those who have been suffering from these bouts of headaches, then here are a few treatments that are worth trying:

  • Try pain relief medicines that are available over the counter. This is the first and the most obvious thing to do and some medicines are really affective when it comes to relieving sinus headaches. If you already follow this make sure that you do not have them for more than ten days at a stretch without consulting the doctor.
  • If your sinus problem have anything to do with any form of allergy that you have then antihistamine allergy medicines can do the trick for you and relieve you of your pain.
  • Keep your nasal passage moist at all times. This will help to bring down the pain or headache. An effective way is to keep a moist and warm towel over your face. Using a vaporizer may also help.
  • Avoid any form of chemicals or sprays that may irritate your nasal passage. This includes deodorants, cigarette smoke etc.


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