Tips to Cure Excessive Pain during Menstruation

menstruation pain cure, menstruation painMenstrual cramps are very common and it happens to almost every woman. It is said that every woman experiences menstrual cramps at least once in their lives, if not multiple times. Some women feel mild cramps and in some cases, it might e quiet severe. It also might so happen that a woman experiences menstrual cramps once or probably every time she has her periods. Every woman’s body is different and everyone has a different way of handling menstruation. Mostly younger girls, who just crossed menarche, are the ones who experience severe menstrual cramps.

How to relieve the pain at home

  • If you experience menstrual cramps, then there are some home remedies which you can try to make yourself feel a bit better.
  • Make use of a hot water bag. Place it over your lower abdomen for relief.
  • Try some simple stretching exercises which focus in stretching of the abdomen and legs.
  • Try hot green tea with honey and ginger. It works wonders for such conditions.
  • You can also try some safe medication to deal with menstrual cramps.

What if the pain continues to stay?

If you have these “cramps” for more than 2 to 3 days and it keeps on getting more severe, then there might any other kind of underlying problem. If the cramping is too severe and you tend to have hot flushes and nausea accompanied with fainting spells, then you might have other complications like ovarian cysts or even epilepsy. If you think that you have excessive pain during your periods every month, then see a doctor immediately.


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