Tips to Clear Sinuses

sinus, clear sinusThe sinus is basically a cavity within a bone or any other body tissue. Nasal sinus is the nasal bone cavity and inflammation occurring in the sinus, which could occur due to a virus or fungus or even bacteria. Sinus infections are not that uncommon and many people actually suffer from sinus infections. Some might have an acute sinus infection which would need immediate medical help and others might just experience sinus inflections like common flue which comes and goes without any help required.

Curing a sinus infection- steps

  • If you experience regular sinus infections and irritations, then you can try these few steps to help yourself get rid of the infection.
  • Take a mug and use one fourth of a teaspoon of salt and a pinch of baking soda.
  • Pour some boiling water in the mug and stir the mixture until both the ingredients dissolve completely.
  • Pour in some cold water to make the water lukewarm and comfortable.
  • Take a nasal aspirator and fill it up.
  • Once that is done, lean your head back and squeeze some of the solution into your nasal cavities.
  • If you think that you’re comfortable with the temperature of the solution, continue pouring the solution. If not all sinuses are blocked, you will be able to feel the solution pass through various places within your nose.
  • Once you feel its enough lean your head forward to drain the liquid out. Blow your nose to ensure that all the solution is out.

If all this just gives temporary relief and you keep having sinus infections, you should see a doctor.


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