Tattoo Aftercare – Precautions You Should Take

tattoo aftercare, tattooTattoos are open wounds and they are very sensitive. They are susceptible to various kinds of infections. You must stay very careful as soon as you have got a new tattoo. You must keep the tattoo as clean as possible so that no infection builds on it. Each one’s body is different and the healing time of each individual is also different. The process of drying and the time taken depends on the skin type and the technique used by the tattoo artist. Some of the aftercare precautions are-

When you leave the studio after doing the tattoo put a bandage around it so that there is no outside contact with the tattoo. After 2-3 hours remove the bandage which you had put. As the tattoo is like an open wound it may bleed for the first 24 hours.

When handling the tattoo like removing the tattoo clean your hand thoroughly with warm water and antiseptic soaps. Use clean towel to dry. When you remove the bandage do it slowly and be gentle. Clean the tattoo with antiseptic lotions. Do not scrub it or rub it. Allow the tattoo to dry. It helps in faster and better healing.

Follow it by applying emu oil. The oil has fatty acids and which increases the circulation in the affected area. It also does not block the pores as the other oils do. It also helps in keeping the tattoo moisturized. The oil helps getting rid of the discomfort and the redness. Use the oil twice or thrice a day.

With proper care from the beginning you will be able to enjoy the tattoo lifetime.

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