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Using Yoga balls properly

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

yoga ball, using yoga ballA yoga ball is used so that it can provide you support when you are trying out hip openers, restorative poses and backbends. For muscle building also yoga balls can be used. It is actually used so as to increase the flexibility of the body. If you have been during your yoga or exercise without yoga ball then adding the ball to your exercises will not be a difficult process. You can use yoga balls properly by following few guidelines-

  • You should choose the yoga ball according to your height. If you are of six feet or taller use the 75cm ball if you are 5 feet or less use the ball which is 55cm in diameter. However a 65cm of ball can be used by those people who have a height between 6 feet and 5 feet.
  • Make sure that you have burst resistant ball. If you are particularly heavy and you have kids at home who might play with the ball definitely purchase a burst resistant one. The stability of the ball can be made out from the thickness of rubber used.
  • Inflate your ball before you use the ball for your exercise. Many times hand pumps are provided with the ball but many times they are not. When the hand pump is not given make sure you buy them.
  • When you start using the ball just begin with sitting on the ball with your back straight.


However before you begin any kind of exercises with the ball always consult a physician.


How can yoga cure back ache

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

Benefits of yoga, health tipsWhen people hear the word yoga the first thing that comes to their mind is they would have to bend their body in positions that are almost impossible to do. But the real fact is it helps to cure the pain from which you are suffering. Yoga is very helpful for those who are suffering from back ache. Although in the initial stages you may feel that it is giving you more pain but the after effects of yoga will definitely help you to get rid of that back ache.

Yoga tips for curing back ache

Hatha yoga is the best possible way to cure the back pain. Here are some of the ways how you can proceed with the yoga:

• Aerating the spine daily- it is important that there exists some space between the spine and the vertebrae. This will help the spinal discs of your body get a break and if you perform in the morning then it is better for you. all you will need is a wall or a pole where you will have to reach so that the spine remains straight. This will aerate the spine completely.

• Lifting with legs- this is one of the easiest ways of doing yoga. Instead of carrying a heavy weight with your back you will have to lift the same thing with your legs. For this you can keep a proper posture so that you do not face any kind of strain while lifting the weight.

• Keeping a straight spine- this is not exactly yoga but a daily practice that would keep your back ache away. It often happens that a person walks with a hunch. This not only looks bad but also increases your back pain. Walking with a straight posture will help to avoid the problem.

Live Life King Size with Everyday Yoga

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Yoga, Yoga tipsOne of the most beneficial ways to get fit inside out is yoga. It had been used by many learned people and scholars in India thousands of years ago. The trend of yoga has now spread all over the world and even celebs inspire and encourage people these days to follow a yoga regime daily for inner mental healing and outer strength and good health.

Benefits of yoga

  • You can try a few pranayam exercises daily in the morning which are some simple meditation and breathing exercises combined. These help in clearing out dust allergies and keep our lungs healthy. It also provides energy and increases metabolism for the rest of the day. This also helps in stress reduction at the beginning of the day so that the rest of the day goes well and you’re in a good and positive mood all throughout the day.
  • You might not like to work out at the gym due to embarrassment or lack of time. That’s why yoga can be so beneficial. All you need to do is get a DVD of basic yoga and practice it at home, at your ease. There are many stretching exercises and meditation techniques which are useful for healing and maintaining good body shape and heath.
  • In yoga there is nothing wrong with overdoing. You can practice it many times a day and you won’t feel tired at all. Instead you’ll feel rejuvenated.
  • With the help of yoga you can lose weight healthily and maintain that perfect figure, given you do your yoga regimes regularly without fail.
  • Yoga helps in improved digestion and bowel movements too. It also helps in releasing extra gas from the body.
  • Some yoga techniques, learnt under a trained professional can also heal joint pains and muscle aches.
  • If you feel sexually inactive and lethargic, yoga can help you gain back your vigor.