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Is Weight Lifting Safe For Women?

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

weight lifting women, women healthWomen need to take a different weight lifting routine than men, because women have less testosterone than men. And due to other hormonal presence women cannot acquire more muscle mass than men. A good weight lifting routine for women will improve the muscle strength and maintain good bone health. For any women, having a good balanced routine of aerobic and weight lifting exercises is good.

Yes, weight lifting is safe for women of all ages; it is proven by many researchers around the world. Here are some benefits of weight lifting for women…

  • Regular weight lifting will improve the overall physical strength. This will enhance your daily work. A moderate weight training will increase the muscle strength by 30 percent.
  • A well known fact, regular weight training will improve the bone mass and strength. Bones will get stronger and can be maintained by a regular routine. Remember muscle mass will be very low as compared to men due to female hormones.
  • Osteoporosis can be avoided if you have a good balanced aerobic and weight training routine.
  • Heart diseases can be avoided, a good routine will reduce the LDL and increase the HDL cholesterol content in the blood.
  • Blood pressure in the blood vessels can be maintained and reduces the risk of high pressure.
  • Good weight training significantly reduces the risk of early diabetes in women.
  • A good strong physique will improve your self esteem and improve your attitude.

It’s never too late for strength training for women, start now.

Is running good for women?

Monday, January 14th, 2013

women health, running benefts for womenWomen are basically health conscious people, to maintain a good physique or to lose to weight. For both men and women, exercise is the only known way to stay fit, slim and to lose weight. Before starting any running or exercise routine, know about the training and its impact on your body and overall health.

Running improves breathing, relieves stress, burns calories and more importantly it improves your self esteem.

Yes, running is good for women, here are some great tips for running women and how to stay fit by having a running routine…

  • Running routine is a challenge for the mind and body. Accept it as a challenge and start working out.
  • A good running routine combined with an anaerobic workout will improve the bone and muscle strength.
  • Regular running will improve your hormone levels. This is important for women above the age of 30.
  • Do not run with headphones on. This is a safety risk, because you cannot hear the external sounds.
  • Slow running for long time burns more calories and therefore reduces the body weight.
  • During pregnancy, a good routine of moderate exercise will improve the normal childbirth.
  • Running is fun and it improves your social activity, this will make you keep the running habit.
  • While running, wear shoes that fit your feet.
  • Women, who want to lose weight should adhere to a good running routine and stay patient to get good results.
  • Running women should take in adequate amounts of calcium and iron to stay healthy.

Common eating disorders in women

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

eating disorder, treatment against eating disorder, nutritionA study from National Institute of Mental Health has shown that more than 10% of women in this world suffer due to eating disorders. Young women are more prone to this disorder than older women. The eating disorders have many symptoms such as bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa and binge eating rates. These eating disorders can cause due to various factors such as unhealthy attitude and emotional factors.

Eating disorders in women

Dieting is something that many women try to do in order to look slim but what they don’t realize are the negative effects of this dieting. Here are some of the most common eating disorders in women that have been observed:

  • Eating disorder is a mental disease because this comes due to people gaining knowledge from others that they are not healthy and the best solution for that is to lose weight. The person does not even consider if the others are saying the correct thing or not. Once the matter gets stuck into their head they start to spend hours thinking over the fact that they would not look when they go out and this result in eating disorders causing the person to stop eating in order to slim down.
  • Eating disorders may also be observed in a woman who tends to eat too much. This normally starts when she is in her childhood days. This disorder often happens due to the fact that they were over fed when they were small and that habit has stayed. If this thing continues then there are high chances that the woman will be suffering from obesity.


Special health care during pregnancy

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Care during pregnancy, health careBeing pregnant requires special care because of the fact that a new life is going to set his feet on this earth. Since the woman will be in pain it is important the husband or the other family members to take care of her. Just being on her side is not everything. Knowing what to do in case of an emergency is also included in the special health care of the pregnant woman.

Tips to look after a pregnant woman

Here are some of the ways by which you can take care of the health of a pregnant woman:

• The first point that you must remember is that the woman should be sitting straight. This is important because otherwise there can be unnecessary pain if she tries to bend down. This also brings to notice that if something falls on the ground it is the responsibility of the family members to help her out.
• Secondly it must be seen that there is not too much of pressure on the belly. This is very harmful for the baby inside. There are times when the sleeping posture of the woman is not right and she tends to sleep face down. This should not happen and the person who is looking after her must let her know about this.
• Smoking should be strictly avoided in front of a woman who is expecting a child soon. Also the woman should not suffer from nausea. If she does then it is important that she gets rid of it soon.