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How To Reduce Physical Stress While At The Office

Monday, January 28th, 2013

How to reduce office stressDay by day, the world is becoming a more work oriented place. A person’s worth is decided on the job he holds, the amount of money he brings home. In this highly competitive world, getting stressed out in order to achieve your targets can make you a victim of physical stress. Here are a few ways in which you can reduce it while at office:

  • Manage your time and organize what you have to do. A well-maintained and well-organized work schedule can help reduce your work load and make sure that you get your work done in time.
  • Calm down: staying calm is extremely important when facing work load or a tough boss. Stay calm and breathe deeply. This will help you lower the excitement in your body and also provide your body with the extra amount of oxygen required.
  • Take a break and move about: even if it is for five minutes, get up from your seat and take a walk. If possible go outside. If you are feeling lethargic then climbing up and down two flights of stairs will bring your limbs back to life and refresh your mind as well.
  • Learn to say No. if there is something that you can’t do, or finish in a particular period of time then say so. Do not set or accept unrealistic goals and break your back over it.
  • Learn to ask for help. If you are trouble with your project, need some tips or advice from your college or boss? Then muster the courage to ask for it.

How does stress affect your vision

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

vision, mental stressIt is quite normal for everyone to be in stress but the thing is you need to get rid of it as soon as possible. There are many bad effects of stress and one of them is it affects the vision of your eye. You may be a person with a low tolerance level but that does not mean you will let it affect your body and that too the eye. There can be many reasons of stress and there are times when you get really annoyed. This is where you go wrong. Yes it is difficult to relax at the heat of the moment but if it is tried for some time then the results will be positive.

Effects of stress on your vision

You may have various questions as to how stress can affect your vision. Well here are some of the points that are discussed below:

Ø   The first of a defect in your vision due to stress will be headache. This is the most common symptom that people have and if it continues for a prolonged period then it is possible that you might have a sinus problem too.

Ø   Another point where stress can affect your vision is the eye muscle. They get to get taut when there is too much of stress on you. You may not get direct effect but gradually there will be eye sight problems and that can be a long term effect.

Since your eyes are your prized possessions it is important that you take care of them in any possible way because if you lose them the suffering will be unbearable.