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Can natural herbs cure a sinus problem?

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

sinus cure, natural herbsSinus is a severe condition that involves inflammation of your nasal passages. This condition results in immense pain and discomfort for the patient. The symptoms of this excruciating symptoms include coughing, vision problems, throbbing headaches, facial treatments, facial tenderness pain caused in upper jaw etc. even though this medical conditioned can be handled and can be manageable but it requires  good amount of attention because if this condition is neglected then chances are that the complications will accelerate.

You can choose to use conventional medications, that is adhere to allopathic medicines which do provide you with relief but in most of the times it causes infection reoccurrence with developed symptoms. Sometimes these allopathic medicines also have side effects. On the other hand taking resort in herbal cure for sinus is quite common these days and do not have any side effects associated with it. Even before the advent of allopathic medicines these herbal remedies have been used for centuries now. Usage of herbs for treating this condition eliminates the root cause of this condition. Astragalus, Angelica Dahuria, Slippery elm, magnolia, Xanthium and licorice are a few effective herbs that are generally used to treat this condition.

Most common herbs used

Generally out of all these herbs Angelica Dahuria is recommended for patients with severe sinus. It motivates the mucus discharge that the sinus cavities have in accumulation. It also relieves you of the swollen and inflamed nasal passages. Astragalus helps in boosting the immunity of the person suffering from this condition. It is used in a combination of other herbs for better effects.

How to avoid sinus problem

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

avoid sinus, sinus problem cureLook closely around you, no matter where you are in school, college, work place or at home you will find at least some people, friends or family members complaining of having sinus problems. Sinus problems can be caused by a number of reasons and can only be treated if you understand that the problem you are having is that of sinus. Sinus headache, irritation in the throat, yellow mucus, blocked nose, coughing etc. are some of the common symptoms of sinus.

Here are a few ways in which you can avoid your sinus problems:

  • Understand what is causing the problem. Many a times we are unaware of what causes a sinus problem in us. It may be some form of antigen in the air, a particular environment or it may be something in our food, some form of food allergy that we are not even aware of. The first step is to find out what is causing it.
  • Keep your nose moist at all times. The best way to do it is to spray saline water up your nose.
  • Humidifiers are another option though they may lead to molds that causes allergy in some people too.
  • Avoid cigarette smoke. They can irritate your sinuses and cause severe irritation and sinus problem.
  • Fungi are one of the biggest reasons behind sinus problems. Make sure to keep your house and environment clean of fungi.
  • Dairy products can lead to sinus problems and giving them up has helped a lot of people getting rid of their sinus problems.