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Dealing With Signs Of Pregnancy

Monday, January 21st, 2013

Signs Of Pregnancy, deal with pregnancyPregnancy makes the women to attain the fullness. Every woman must experience the feelings of pregnancy. Pregnancy is the greatest feeling to every woman. Really it happens by the grace of God. Trust him and be peace. Stress may affect the pregnancy. So be patient and stay in peace. Here are some signs of pregnancy.

  • Absence of menstrual period is the good sign of pregnancy. Anyhow it is not a positive proof. Better test with a pregnancy test kit to make sure of your pregnancy.
  • Dry vaginal is one of the symptoms of pregnancy
  • Morning sickness is also the sign of pregnancy.
  • Feeling nauseous, this will not happen for every pregnant woman. For the first five months, they may vomit whatever they had. Some smells may cause them to vomit. Drink plenty of water to get rid off from dehydration.
  • Some may be too choosy and picky eater during pregnancy.
  • Frequent urination, about six weeks. Try to notice the urination frequency.
  • Feeling cramped in the abdomen and legs. This is due to insufficient nutrients and salt in your body.
  • Feeling tired. But it is not a sure symptom of pregnancy. During the first and third trimester you may feel tired.
  • Swollen breast – Many of their breasts will be larger and swollen during pregnancy. It is very tender to touch.

The above are some of the symptoms of pregnancy. These symptoms will not be felt by every woman. Doing a pregnancy test after 5 weeks, will give a better result.

5 Food Items Which Are Good During Pregnancy

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

pregnancy, pregnancy foodsWhen you get the news that your wife is expecting the first responsibility that comes to your mind is to take care of the expecting mother. And the first responsibility is to give proper food to the mother. There are many foods that are considered health for an expecting mother. Following are some of the foods that are really good during pregnancy:

  • Avocado– this is one of the prime that the baby needs for its brain development. Many people think that it is not good for the mother but that is an absolute wrong concept. The healthy fats in avocado along with the numerous vitamins and fibers and minerals help in the baby’s proper brain development.
  • Herring– this is something that is ever pregnant woman should consume. The Omega 3 fatty acids in it are very helpful for the brain development of the fetus. Since this is a cold water fish there are hardly any pollutants that can cause harm to the pregnant woman.
  • Sweet potato– this vegetable is available in almost all seasons of the year and helps in controlling the blood sugar of the mother. Since it has a high percentage of Vitamin A it helps in the baby’s ear, heart and eye development.
  • Coconut oil– this is another food that is misguided by people. This is a great substitute for breast milk because it contains lauric acid. Because of its anti viral and anti bacterial properties this is one of the most important foods that the mother should consume.
  • Spinach– this food will give strength to the baby and it is also packed with potassium, iron, Vitamin C and Vitamin A. All these helpful for the baby’s proper development.

Special health care during pregnancy

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Care during pregnancy, health careBeing pregnant requires special care because of the fact that a new life is going to set his feet on this earth. Since the woman will be in pain it is important the husband or the other family members to take care of her. Just being on her side is not everything. Knowing what to do in case of an emergency is also included in the special health care of the pregnant woman.

Tips to look after a pregnant woman

Here are some of the ways by which you can take care of the health of a pregnant woman:

• The first point that you must remember is that the woman should be sitting straight. This is important because otherwise there can be unnecessary pain if she tries to bend down. This also brings to notice that if something falls on the ground it is the responsibility of the family members to help her out.
• Secondly it must be seen that there is not too much of pressure on the belly. This is very harmful for the baby inside. There are times when the sleeping posture of the woman is not right and she tends to sleep face down. This should not happen and the person who is looking after her must let her know about this.
• Smoking should be strictly avoided in front of a woman who is expecting a child soon. Also the woman should not suffer from nausea. If she does then it is important that she gets rid of it soon.

Proper Daily Nutrition Tips For Pregnant Women

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Nutrition Tips, Pregnant WomenMany people have the opinion that a pregnant woman should eat for two during the span of time till she remains pregnant so that the baby inside gets proper nutrition but that is absolutely a wrong concept. In fact that is very harmful for the baby to come because it might result in weight problems. This is the sole reason why there are special diet charts for pregnant women. During the period of pregnancy it is advisable that the woman eats healthy food to keep herself and the baby nutritious.

What to eat during pregnancy

On an average a pregnant woman needs around 2500 calories per day and out of that a minimum of 10 percent should be a source of protein. Following are some of the food that will keep a pregnant woman nutritious along with the baby inside:

  • Foods such as fish, meat, dairy products, eggs and beans are compulsory in the diet that the woman follows. This gives enough protein. Along with this there should be considerable quantity carbohydrates which can come from either pasta or rice.
  • Vitamin B is important during pregnancy and for that you need to have food that contains folic acid. Green vegetables, fruits and orange juice are great sources of folic acid.
  • Foods which are rich of iron should also be included in the diet. Berries, grain breads are the best option for a pregnant mother because they help to nourish the placenta.
  • During pregnancy it is advised that a woman should not have food that have Vitamin A in them because it might damage the embryo of the woman.