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Foods Which Are Good For The Liver

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

food for liver, healthy foodsLiver problems are faced by everybody now. It is mostly common among the people living in the developing countries as most of them are inclined to fast and junk food. Most of these people are diagnosed with fatty liver which causes various problems like rashes, obesity, diabetes and puffy eyes. In between all these it is important that you take care of the liver and eat such foods which are healthy for the liver. Some of them are –

Ginger – fresh, dried or picked ginger is good for liver. To start with intake it is small amount as the flavor is a strong one.

Turmeric – it is a liver protecting condiment. It has very mild flavor. Adding turmeric pate to rice while cooking is preferred by many.

Green vegetables – these leafy green vegetables protect the liver. It is rule that in order to keep liver healthy your plate should be filled with green vegetables.

Fruits – the fibers and the vitamins in fruits help in better digestion and reduce the toxic substance which the liver might have to deal with.

Juices – juices of vegetables as well as fruits are very beneficial. The juices of raw vegetables and fruits have many benefits. As while cooking the enzymes of the vegetables and fruits are lost.

Whole grain – it has proteins as well as fibers important for liver health.

Soy products and water are also great for the well being of your liver. Along with the food exercises and workouts is also necessary for the liver health.

Keeping a Check on Your Liver Health

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

liver care, treatment for liverThe liver is a vital organ present in all vertebrates. It is the largest internal organ in the human body and it has several important body functions. Liver controls metabolism in a major way. Apart from that, it also secretes several bio-chemicals which are necessary for digestive processes. Other functions of the liver are to produce substances which work for the immune system of the body. Liver is also concerned with protein synthesis and detoxification of the body’s various substances. Liver produces bile which emulsifies fats in the process of digestion.

Main Diseases Of The Liver

a)      Pale Stools- this situation is characterized by reduction in brown pigmentation from fecal matter, mainly caused due to irregularity in liver functions.

b)      When bilirubin mixes with urine, it causes the color of urine to become dark.

c)      Jaundice is a common problem which is caused when the bilirubin gets deposited on the skin.

d)     Excessive bleeding when a cut or bruising occurs could be due to some abnormality in the liver.

e)      When there is excess loss in nutrients and minerals a person might feel more lazy and tired than usual. This is also caused to abnormal liver functions.

f)       Swelling of the abdomen and feet without any known cause could mean liver problems too.

How To Take Care Of Your Liver?

Limit your intake of fried food and processed foods. Also you should reduce the intake of fructose as excess fructose could affect liver functions. Increase your intake of vegetables, fresh fruits and natural fruit and vegetable juices. You could also go on a detox diet once in a while to cleanse your system. Also reduce the intake of alcohol. They are mostly empty calories and excess alcohol cannot be taken care of by the liver.

Tips To Cure Liver Problem

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

liver problem, liver problem treatmentLiver problem is one of the most serious diseases that can happen to a person. However there are ways to avoid that and you can get cured as well. There are various reasons why a person has liver problems and the prime reason as suggested by doctors is because of the processed food that we eat nowadays. Junk food also falls in that category.

How to cure liver problems?

You must have heard about the proverb “where there is a will there is a way”. Well if you actually want to keep liver problems away from you then you must follow some tips and you will have to follow them regularly. Here are some of the ways how you can keep those problems away:

  • You must strictly avoid over eating in the first place.
  • Junk food and processed food should be eaten as less as possible. They are the main reason why fat grows inside the liver.
  • You must immediately stop taking drugs and also should quit smoking along with the intake of alcohol. They spoil the liver more than anything else.
  • If you are not used to working out daily then should start that as soon as possible. Exercise is not only good for your liver but also for the whole body too.
  • You should also limit the time you spend on watching television. This may sound odd but the liver is responsible for digesting sensory inputs as well. Anything that gives negative vibes such as violent scenes are not taken well by the liver. So try spending time in places which has got nature in it and not violence.