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Oral Care Tips For Infants

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Oral Care, Oral Care for kidsInfants require all your care and love when they are growing up. While parents make sure that their child gets all the attention he/she deserves, they seem to ignore one important aspect that needs to be taken care of, and that is oral hygiene. Most parents think that oral hygiene is not important till their infants develop milk teeth. This concept is very wrong as infants can be subjected to gum problems even before they develop teeth as their diet consists of milk and juices, all of which can harm the gums if not cleaned properly.

The best way to ensure that your infant gets proper oral care is by wiping his/her gums regularly with a soft cloth and water. This ensures that any residual food in the mouth is wiped clean before the child falls asleep. Oral care is all the more important in kids whose parents have had teeth cavities as the bacteria responsible for it can easily pass from the mother to the child in the first two years.  There are certain measures that can be followed that will prevent your infants from having infected gums, for instance, avoid giving fruit juices to your infant for the first six months.

Clean the gums of the baby before he/she falls asleep and avoid feeding the kid at night multiple times. The worst thing is allowing your kid to fall asleep with milk or any other form of food in their mouth. This leads to bacterial growth in the mouth.

Steps To Avoid Obesity in Childhood

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

child obesity, control obesity, kids healthSteps To Avoid Obesity in Childhood

One thing which leads to several problems in future is obesity during childhood. America has been reported to have the maximum number of obese children in the world. This is very unhealthy. Children who are obese get heart related conditions faster than anyone. That’s why it is necessary to avoid this as soon as possible.

Obesity and hereditary reasons

If obesity is a hereditary condition then you should take your child to the doctor so that some medical help can be taken in order to avoid the condition. A strict diet should be followed in such cases so that the child doesn’t become obese. Reduction in the amounts of fats should be done at home while making food. Avoid eating sugary substances and packaged drinks too.

How to avoid obesity in kids

  • Children live on fast food these days. This should be done but in a limited amount. If your child tends to have fatty foods and cola in school everyday, make sure that you pack his or her lunch. A simple sandwich which doesn’t have too much cheese and butter would do fine.
  • Make sure your child gets enough exercise. If metabolism of the body slows down then a lot of problems might occur. The body tends to store fat more than necessary. Encourage your child to play outside with friends. Let him or her walk the dog once and while. Also making the child join sporting clubs is a good idea.

A healthy diet and enough sleep is all a child needs in order to stay fit, healthy and in shape.