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Foods to Avoid If You Have High Cholesterol

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Cholesterol food,Heart care, healthy dietPeople who have high cholesterol usually suffer from several medical conditions which could result from the high cholesterol condition itself. In this case, the vasculatory system of the body is affected. The arteries and veins get thinned down mostly due to cholesterol deposition which makes flowing of blood difficult. People with high cholesterol are at risks of strokes, heart attacks and heart failures. Most overweight people have problems with high cholesterol. Also stress is a common cause of high cholesterol. There are some foods which are prescribed by a doctor to be eaten by high cholesterol patients and there are some foods which you should avoid.

What Foods To Avoid

Alcohol: This is one thing which you should avoid completely if you have high cholesterol. If you can’t stop drinking completely, then having one or two drinks a month should be your maximum limit. Alcohol raises cholesterol of the body and the walls of the vascular system gets contracted more.

Unsaturated fats: Trans-fats are the most dangerous ingredient for a patient who has high blood cholesterol. Switch to saturated fats and oils to stay healthy. Don’t eat fast foods and oily foods and surely cut down your intake of processed foods.

Salt: You should avoid salt completely no matter what. You could use small amounts of salt for taste or you could replace salt with other spices and herbs for flavor in food. But make sure that you don’t add extra salt in your food when it’s served. Your kidneys could also be affected due to high salt intake if you already have high cholesterol.

Causes of high pulse rate

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

high pulse rate, heart careHigh pulse is the condition when the heart beats are faster than normal and which leaves behind repercussions. Generally doctors call this condition Tachycardia where there is an abnormal increase in the rate of heart beat. In general a person’s heart beat is 60 to 100 beats per minute but when a person has high pulse rate then the beats can go over 100 per minute. This mainly happens due to the inefficiency in the pumping of the blood in your heart. There are two types of tachycardia. They are as follows:

1. Ventricular tachycardia
2. Supra ventricular tachycardia

The former is caused due to ventricles and the latter is caused due to the pumping of the heart in the upper side.
There are several reasons why the pulse rate of a person goes up. Here are some of the reasons discussed below:

 If a person has pericarditis or high blood pressure then there are chances that the person will have a high pulse rate.

 Secondly if a person’s arteries get hardened at times then there is a certain disturbance in the pumping of the blood to the heart. This leads to high pulse rate.

 Another reason behind high pulse rate is because of hyper activity of thyroid.

 Lastly many diseases of the heart and several metabolism disorders also cause a high pulse rate in a person. This also leads to weakening of the heart as it is not capable of taking too mush strain.

Keeping cholesterol away with a proper diet

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Heart care, healthy diet, cholesterol free dietCholesterol is such a solid fat in the body that grows naturally and it is not a healthy sign. So to get rid of it many doctors prescribe various medicines and therapies but there are naturals ways too that helps to keep cholesterol away. If you see the growth of cholesterol in the body then you will notice that it affects the liver first and then attacks other parts of the body. A small amount of cholesterol is important for the body but if it starts to grow beyond the limit then it is a matter of concern for the person. Here are some of the natural ways how you can stay away from cholesterol in the natural way:

• One of the best ways to keep cholesterol away from the body is by changing your lifestyle. An active lifestyle often helps in preventing cholesterol from growing in the body. There are people who tend to have a sedentary lifestyle and that is not healthy for the body. Working out on a daily basis is the best way to solve this problem.

• Secondly a healthy diet will also help you to fight cholesterol. The diet must include foods that are rich in soluble fiber. This will avoid the growth of fatty acids inside the body and especially the stomach. Including vegetables and fruits is the best thing that you can eat. If you have the habit of eating fast food then you must stop eating them immediately because they contain high amount of cholesterol.