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Cons of walking in high heels

Saturday, January 19th, 2013

high heels, disadvantages of high heelsWearing high heels is an age old fashion and it’s still famous among modern women. Nowadays more women are wearing high heel shoes. High heel shoes will improve your body posture, pose a modern look, shaped legs and will give a tall look. Apart from these good things there are lots of disadvantages as well. Most of the cons are related to body and health.

Some of the cons of wearing high heels are listed below…

  • Heels and pain are the basic aspect of wearing heels for women. Foot bears the entire body weight. It should have a balance while walking otherwise it’ll lead to foot and leg strain. It can lead to injury.
  • If the balance is not met while walking, this is can lead to hip strain.
  • Leg sprains can be caused by walking in high heels. Some of the sprains are not easy to cure. A long rest will be advised for these kind of sprains.
  • Weight concentration on the foot can turn them yellow.
  • The major cause of back pain among women are caused by the prolonged usage of high heeled shoes.
  • If the body balance is not correct, you will experience difficulty in walking or even standing.
  • Foot calluses will form over thumb bone. These are tough to avoid.
  • Prolonged usage of heels during a day will cause less blood circulation to the foot.

Heels usage may cause edema in legs, varicosity in shin and knee damage.

How to Control Your Sweet Craving

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Sweet CravingWe all know that excess of anything is not good for us. The same goes for sweets. It’s true, that some of us have a sweet tooth. There is nothing wrong with that as long as it’s kept under control.  Cupcakes, chocolates, ice cream, candies, cakes, cookies, etc. – they all are delicious and hard to resist. But it’s important to keep the sweet cravings under control. Let’s see what happens if we consumes too much sweets.

  • Disadvantages of having sweets in excessive amounts-

Sugar does a lot of harm to our body if taken in gratuitous amounts.

a)      Sugar reduces our immune system’s strength

b)      May cause varicose veins

c)      Can cause stones in the gall bladder

These are just some of the many side effects which sweets have on our system. Till date, scientists and doctors have stated that sugar can affect our body negatively in 143 different ways.

  • Curb your sweet cravings

There are ways by which you can control your sweet cravings and keep your sugar intake in control to maintain good health-

a)      Increase your daily protein intake. Our bodies are made in such a way that whenever the body needs protein, it sends signals for sweet cravings. Have meat, eggs, and any other protein form.

b)      Replace chocolates and cupcakes with fresh fruits and fruit juices. They are healthier and also they can give you the sweet rush which you are craving for.

c)      Lock sweets in a cabinet and tell your family member to hide the key. This doesn’t mean that you can never have your favorite sweet items. Occasional indulgence is healthy but making it a habit is dangerous.

d)     You can also try artificial sweeteners.

Try these tips and get the cravings under control.

Tips to cure acidity at home

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

digestion problems, cure acidityAcidity is a very common problem that we face in our daily life and it is really irritating. There are various symptoms such as digestion problems, heart burning, and many others. Unhealthy eating, poor sleeping habits, bad lifestyle and work fatigue are some of the main reasons why acidity happens to people. The general science of acidity is that when the stomach starts to secrete hydrochloric acid in high quantities the result is acidity in our stomach.

Ways to cure acidity at home

There are many ways of treating acidity. You can take the help of medicines or start some homely procedures that will get rid of this situation. Here are some of the ways how you can treat acidity just by sitting at your home:

Ø   One of the best ways to cure acidity is to get enough sleep daily. There are times when you over work or do not get time to sleep at all. That is the time when acidity can attack you. So to avoid that you must sleep at least for some hours.

Ø   Secondly you must check the food you are eating. Eating foods that have high quantity of fat often leads to acidity. You may find such foods to be tasty but they are the cause of acidity in a person.

Ø   Drinking of water when you are having a meal can also prevent acidity. You can also stop consuming coffee, tea, chocolates or alcohol. Of course you can have them once in a while but consuming them regularly would often lead to acidity.

Tips to Quit Alcohol

Friday, September 28th, 2012

quit alcoholDrinking is a habit which if done in excess is very bad for health. People who drink in excess have several medical complications and the most common problem is having a bad liver. This can lead to many other complications like low immunity and bad breath. In many cases, even the pancreas is affected. If you want to get rid of this habit then you should try out a few things in order to get things under control.

Get rid of the habit of drinking

  • If you have a group of friends with whom you tend to drink then try to avoid them.
  • Don’t go to bars and restaurants where you usually go for a couple of drinks.
  • Throw away all the bottles of alcohol which you keep at home.
  • Tell your friends that you are going to quit drinking so that they can help you through it and they can also help you get through it and stop it when you get weak.
  • Save up the money you used to spend on alcohol and get yourself something special.
  • You can also take some medication which a doctor suggests in order to control your urges and cravings.
  • Keep reminding yourself why you quit drinking. You can also keep a small list which can remind you of the things which you want to gain by quitting drinking.

You don’t have to completely get rid of alcohol. When you think that you have gained enough control, you can start drinking again, but in safe and limited amounts.

Pros and cons of taking sleeping pills

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

side effects of sleeping pillsTreatment for any kind of disease has some kind of pros and cons and the same is applicable for the case of sleeping pills too. We often tend to overlook the cons that are there when we take sleeping pills just for the fact that we want temporary relief. The sleep that we need at that time cannot be ignored either and neither can be the truth that sleeping pills are not good for our health.

Sleeping pills- pros and cons

You must have seen that sleeping pills have been in use for a long time now. Sometimes the doctor themselves prescribe sleeping pills which are available over the counter form the medicine shops whereas there are some which we ourselves take without the doctor prescribing it. This can be dangerous. Well if you consider both the positive and negative sides of it then the balance will be pretty equal. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of sleeping pills:

  • To start with the positive side, sleeping pills helps to bring relief from the symptoms of insomnia or in better words sleeplessness.
  • On the other hand taking of pills becomes an addiction. Once you start taking sleeping pills it is difficult to sleep without them which is not good at all. The body needs natural sleep and not forced sleep.
  • There may be reasons why you are not getting any sleep and that mainly happens due to stress. So it is important that you go for a checkup that will include stress relief measures and not for the reason that you are not getting proper sleep.

How To Speed Up Metabolism

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

metabolism, metabolism controlOne of the most complex systems of the human body is its metabolism. It is due to this metabolism that many people have become overweight but their struggle to diet ends with little or no success at all. This mainly happens due to the slow metabolism of the body.

Successful ways of speeding up metabolism

There are many ways how a person can speed up the metabolism of the body. Dieting is not the only way how you can possibly do it. There are different factors according to which you can follow the techniques so that the metabolism speeds up. Here are some of the ways how you can do that:

  • The first thing that you must remember is the fact that the metabolism slows down due to the sluggishness of the body. This holds on to the fat rather than burning it. Hence you must strictly avoid that sluggish nature and start working out as soon as possible.
  • Bad diet is another reason why the metabolism of the body slows down. You should reduce those foods which has high sugar percentage in it. In fact your diet should consist of healthy foods only.
  • If you think that strict dieting will help you become slim then you are walking on a completely wrong path. Dieting may make you slim for the moment for the long term effect of this diet is extremely harmful. In future there will be lots of problems and they are mainly caused because of the fact that the body metabolism has slowed down. In such cases you must immediately stop that kind of diet and get back to the normal diet that has enough healthy food.