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Is running good for women?

Monday, January 14th, 2013

women health, running benefts for womenWomen are basically health conscious people, to maintain a good physique or to lose to weight. For both men and women, exercise is the only known way to stay fit, slim and to lose weight. Before starting any running or exercise routine, know about the training and its impact on your body and overall health.

Running improves breathing, relieves stress, burns calories and more importantly it improves your self esteem.

Yes, running is good for women, here are some great tips for running women and how to stay fit by having a running routineā€¦

  • Running routine is a challenge for the mind and body. Accept it as a challenge and start working out.
  • A good running routine combined with an anaerobic workout will improve the bone and muscle strength.
  • Regular running will improve your hormone levels. This is important for women above the age of 30.
  • Do not run with headphones on. This is a safety risk, because you cannot hear the external sounds.
  • Slow running for long time burns more calories and therefore reduces the body weight.
  • During pregnancy, a good routine of moderate exercise will improve the normal childbirth.
  • Running is fun and it improves your social activity, this will make you keep the running habit.
  • While running, wear shoes that fit your feet.
  • Women, who want to lose weight should adhere to a good running routine and stay patient to get good results.
  • Running women should take in adequate amounts of calcium and iron to stay healthy.