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Common eating disorders in women

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

eating disorder, treatment against eating disorder, nutritionA study from National Institute of Mental Health has shown that more than 10% of women in this world suffer due to eating disorders. Young women are more prone to this disorder than older women. The eating disorders have many symptoms such as bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa and binge eating rates. These eating disorders can cause due to various factors such as unhealthy attitude and emotional factors.

Eating disorders in women

Dieting is something that many women try to do in order to look slim but what they don’t realize are the negative effects of this dieting. Here are some of the most common eating disorders in women that have been observed:

  • Eating disorder is a mental disease because this comes due to people gaining knowledge from others that they are not healthy and the best solution for that is to lose weight. The person does not even consider if the others are saying the correct thing or not. Once the matter gets stuck into their head they start to spend hours thinking over the fact that they would not look when they go out and this result in eating disorders causing the person to stop eating in order to slim down.
  • Eating disorders may also be observed in a woman who tends to eat too much. This normally starts when she is in her childhood days. This disorder often happens due to the fact that they were over fed when they were small and that habit has stayed. If this thing continues then there are high chances that the woman will be suffering from obesity.