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Amount of sugar content in a day

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

Sugar control, sugar intake, diet tipsPeople who are suffering from diabetes often follow a diet that is popularly known as the Nutrisystem diet. The specialty of this diet is that it helps to reduce the ratio of sugar in the body and increases the amount of protein. The main reason why this diet is so effective for people is because it contains food that have a low glycemic index. It is also effective in controlling the hunger in the person and helps to burn the fat. For the better part it helps the body to maintain a steady sugar level. Many people think that the nutrisystem diet is not that effective but it has been proven by doctors that it is safe for people. Following is a test that was performed to determine the amount of sugar that should be consumed in day:

Day 1– on the first day some random foods were chosen for the diet which included buttermilk waffles containing 7 grams of sugar, cheese burrito and frozen beef bean containing 1 gram sugar, chocolate protein shake containing 6 grams of sugar, cheese puffs containing 1 gram sugar and frozen steak that also contains 1 gram sugar. All the above food summed up to 16 grams of sugar on day 1.

Day 2– this day was kept for comparing the average intake of sugar per day. Here the diet included brown sugar oatmeal containing 7 grams of sugar, red beans containing 1 gram of sugar, flat bread pizza containing 3 grams of sugar, butter popcorn that had no sugar at all and peanut butter cookie that had 8 grams of sugar. All these summed up to 19 grams of sugar which is 3 grams more than the first day.

5 Nutrients That Should Make It To Your Daily Diet

Friday, October 5th, 2012

nutrition, daily diet chartThere are people who feel tired and sluggish after a few hours of work and the main reason for that is their diet. Their diet has insufficient nutrients and that is why they do not get much energy. A study done by Harvard Medical School says that the consumption of junk food in a week should always be less than the amount of healthy food that a person consumes. Therefore including foods that are rich in nutrients will keep you healthy throughout your life.

Important nutrients that you should include in your diet

Nutrients have various sources and it is essential that you know them so that you can add them in your diet. Here are some of them given below:

Antioxidant is one thing that you must include in your diet and for that you can have fruits such as raspberries, cranberries, strawberries and blackberries. They would help to keep various diseases away and also lessen the chances of cancer development in a person.

Vegetables such as romaine lettuce, swill chard, kale, arugula and spinach have various nutrients in them and therefore will provide a good diet. If you include them in your daily diet then you will get enough of calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin K and iron.

Beta carotene is another thing that is very important for the body. It helps in the growth of cells and tissues. They can be obtained from carrots, pumpkins and sweet potatoes.

Inclusion of whole grains in the diet will help in the growth of fibers in the body. Foods such as brown rice, pastas, oatmeal are best for fibers.

Lastly the diet should contain food that is rich in minerals. For that you can have breads and such type of foods. They are helpful in avoiding cancer and diabetes from a person.

Benefits of Having an Organic Diet

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

organic diet, diet control, nutritionThese days, people are becoming more and more health conscious. They are taking greater care of their bodies and trying to find new ways to maintain good health. The kind of diet we have basically decides our health. That’s why many people are opting for a healthy diet these days through organic food. Many people who suffer from chronic illness are actually told to eat organic foods by their nutritionists. Organic foods have many benefits which help in the overall healing and maintenance of physical and mental wellbeing.

Advantages of organic foods

i. Fresh fruits and vegetables have something very tasteful about them. The freshness and the juiciness can only be felt in such food items and not in fried and packaged foods.
ii. The processed organic foods have longer shelf life.
iii. Their nutritional content is higher so one can get more than one nutrient from one food item.
iv. They do not contain any residues from pesticides and insecticides.
v. Organic food for babies is 100% natural and is easy to make as well.
vi. No artificial chemicals, flavors or any sort of other ingredients are added.
vii. Genetically modified organic foods are scientifically enhanced for better nutrition.

Common organic foods for your daily diet

 Fresh fruits
 Freshly cut and cooked vegetables which have less amount of spices and flavors and oils
 Green leafy vegetables
 Fruit and vegetable juices
 Natural anti-oxidant food items
 Breads
 GMO vegetables

These are a few common organic foods. An organic diet can be beneficial to the body no matter how old you are. Taking these in your daily diet can help you stay in shape, help you heal from diseases faster and keep your skin, hair and nails in good condition.