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Foods to Avoid If You Have High Cholesterol

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Cholesterol food,Heart care, healthy dietPeople who have high cholesterol usually suffer from several medical conditions which could result from the high cholesterol condition itself. In this case, the vasculatory system of the body is affected. The arteries and veins get thinned down mostly due to cholesterol deposition which makes flowing of blood difficult. People with high cholesterol are at risks of strokes, heart attacks and heart failures. Most overweight people have problems with high cholesterol. Also stress is a common cause of high cholesterol. There are some foods which are prescribed by a doctor to be eaten by high cholesterol patients and there are some foods which you should avoid.

What Foods To Avoid

Alcohol: This is one thing which you should avoid completely if you have high cholesterol. If you can’t stop drinking completely, then having one or two drinks a month should be your maximum limit. Alcohol raises cholesterol of the body and the walls of the vascular system gets contracted more.

Unsaturated fats: Trans-fats are the most dangerous ingredient for a patient who has high blood cholesterol. Switch to saturated fats and oils to stay healthy. Don’t eat fast foods and oily foods and surely cut down your intake of processed foods.

Salt: You should avoid salt completely no matter what. You could use small amounts of salt for taste or you could replace salt with other spices and herbs for flavor in food. But make sure that you don’t add extra salt in your food when it’s served. Your kidneys could also be affected due to high salt intake if you already have high cholesterol.

A detail on anti cholesterol food

Monday, October 15th, 2012

anti cholesterol food, food to avoid cholesterolIncrease in the cholesterol level often results in various diseases and that is why it is better to eat food that has low percentage of cholesterol in them. Here are some of the anti cholesterol foods that will help to lower the amount of cholesterol you have in your body:

v  First and foremost you must start eating nuts. They have various health benefits among which reducing cholesterol level is the prime function. In fact they help to increase the level of good cholesterol and reduce the percentage of the bad one.

v  Consumption of fatty foods should be avoided in order to lower the levels of LDL cholesterol which is also known as bad cholesterol. Eating cooked tomatoes on a daily basis will also help you in this case. A daily dose of omega-3 fats is also helpful to keep the bad cholesterol away from the body. This also has many other benefits apart from fighting cholesterol.

v  Adding fish to your regular is a good way to prevent the growth of cholesterol in your body. This will also add a taste to the food and you will be enjoying your meal better than what you used to do.

v  Eating spinach is another way of keeping the cholesterol level in control. Spinach is also helpful in keeping the heart healthy as it contains high percentage of lutein. It also gives the body plenty of iron.

v  Tea is another thing that will keep your cholesterol in balance. Though this is not a food but the benefits are such that it can be compared to the above foods.

Food to avoid for high cholesterol

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

foods for cholesterol, cure cholesterolCholesterol is basically fat or steroid lipid which is present in all animal blood and is an important element for the body’s functions of its cell membranes and hormone production. However, there are some negative effects of cholesterol in the human body as well.

Since enough cholesterol is produced by the body, it is not necessary that more is needed to be consumed from external sources. Cholesterol comes from animals. Therefore, vegetarians are less prone to risks involving extra cholesterol levels. There are certain foods that you need to avoid if you have such a problem. They are as follows:

  • Egg yolk: egg yolks have a very high amount of cholesterol. The amount of cholesterol present in egg yolk is 1231 mg per hundred grams. If you consume a single egg, you will get 212mg of cholesterols.
  • Caviar or fish Roe: This popular bread spread of Eastern Europe has very high amount cholesterol in it. There is about 588 mg of cholesterol in one hundred grams of caviar.
  • Liver, Foie Gras and Pate: liver is where the cholesterol is manufactured. Cuisines that have liver in them may have 564 milligrams of cholesterol in hundred grams.
  • Butter: they are very common in cookies, cakes and many other food items. There is about 215 mg of cholesterol in hundred grams and a stick of butter will have above 243 mg and there will be about 30 mg of cholesterol in one tablespoon.
  • Shrimps, fast foods, fishes that are packed with oil and cheese should be avoided as well when you are trying to check your cholesterol level.

Follow these tips well to stay healthy and steer clear of cholesterol.