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How to reduce high blood pressure naturally

Monday, February 18th, 2013

blood pressure, reduce blood pressureps Are you having a problem of high blood pressure? Are you looking for some ways to reduce this? If you are so busy to go to the doctor and want some simple strategy to get rid of this problem instantly, then here we are describing you some ways to reduce blood pressure. You just have to follow and your blood pressure will be under control. To know about reducing ways of blood pressure, firstly you have to know why this happens and the causes of high blood pressure. High blood pressure can be defined in a very simple way that is hypertension. You have to reduce smoking, stress, taking drugs, excessive weight gain and too much salt consumption to reduce your blood pressure naturally. Some aspects that you should always keep in mind to reduce blood pressure are salt and sodium intake. The major thing is reduce sodium and salt consumption in your diet. You should have sea salt instead of table salt and you should avoid sugar also.

Drink lots of water as much as you can and exercise daily. Meditation also helps to reduce hypertension and exhaustion of adrenal. When suddenly you are hyper tensed and want to reduce it instantly, just take deep breaths and follow some relaxation techniques. You will feel relaxed and calm, preventing rise of blood pressure. You can also use any natural supplement to clean your liver and go for Epsom salt bath to detox your body. Hope these ways will help you to culminate stress and combat high blood pressure.

Food to avoid if you have high blood pressure

Friday, October 26th, 2012

blood pressure food, control high blood pressurePeople often have the habit of eating what they like without thinking of the consequences that can occur in the latter stages of their life. Blood pressure is something that can affect a person due to his poor dieting habits. That is why it becomes important to consult a doctor as you grow old so that he can prescribe what to eat and what not to eat. Here are some of the common things that you must avoid in order to control the blood pressure of your body:

  • First things first you must avoid the consumption of sodium in your daily diet. For that you will have to control the amount of salt consumption they have a high percentage of sodium in it.
  • Secondly you must avoid foods that are oil based. Hot dogs and baloney are some of the examples. They also have a high salt content so avoiding this type of food will help you in both ways.
  • Foods that have a high fat or cholesterol content should also be avoided. They tend to increase the blood pressure of a person rapidly and if the person already has high blood pressure then there are chances that he can suffer a hemorrhage in the brain due to this.
  • Lastly there should not be too much sugar in the diet. This is another reason why people have a high blood pressure. They only know that salt causes an increase in the blood pressure but they are not aware of the fact that sugar too has various side effects.

5 natural remedies for controlling blood pressure

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

blood pressure, blood pressure controlBlood pressure is the most dangerous thing that you can have. At times it can take dreadful shape and can even give rise to serious health problems including life threat. So it is better that whenever you are diagnosed with blood pressure, you take the proper corrective measures before it can take a dreadful shape. There are many medicines that can help you with the blood pressure level. If you take them regularly then your blood pressure level will be within safe limits. Regular medical checkup will help you to diagnose the status of your blood pressure level and you can work out accordingly. However if may not be always possible to have the medicines with you, so better if you know few natural remedies that can help you out with the blood pressure level.

Natural remedies:

There are certain natural remedies which if you follow along side your medicines can help the blood pressure level to decrease with time.

  • Ensure that you take less salt or in particular sodium chloride along with your food as it can enhance the blood pressure level. Also take food having less sodium content. Instead insist on more leafy and green vegetables in your diet.
  • If you are addicted to alcohol and also a smoker, then try to stop taking alcohol and smoking at the earliest as it can cause severe harm to your health by increasing the blood pressure level.
  • If you can drink a mixture of two spoons of honey mixed with 2 spoons of onion juice, then it can prove to be helpful for you.
  • Regular exercises like walking, swimming, jogging, cycling can help you control your blood pressure level to a much greater extent.

How To Control High Blood Pressure

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

High Blood Pressure, avoid blood pressure In earlier days, people used to think that high blood pressure problems only hit you after the age of 60. But times have changed. Even young people are getting such complications which are also leading to heart attacks.  When people as young as 20-25 years of age start getting such high pressure troubles, it becomes a matter of concern.

Sometimes, cholesterol gets deposited inside the walls of arteries which constrict blood flow. This causes high pressure conditions leading to even heart failure.

Relationship between food/medicines and high pressure

  • If you have high pressure, you should reduce the amount of salt intake to bare minimum.
  • Exercise daily and increase your intake of water
  • Say no to processed food
  • Ask your doctor to give you a prescription of diuretics which can keep your blood pressure in normal levels.
  • Soy has proven to be very helpful in such conditions.
  • Also garlic and fish oils of some sorts help in keeping BP under control. Have 3 to 4 garlic cloves daily with food or tea.
  • If its summertime, have a lot of watermelons
  • In the morning, make a mixture of Indian gooseberry and honey and have 1 tablespoon daily.
  • 2 times a day, take a glass of lukewarm water and add a teaspoon full of cayenne pepper for better results.
  • It is also advised that one should have a fresh papaya daily after waking up.

High blood pressure isn’t something that you have to live forever once you get it. These methods are natural and thus have no side effects. You should make use of these in your daily life to make yourself healthy.