Skin care for a new born

skin care tips, Skin care for new bornThe newborn baby was in their mother’s womb for the period of nine months in amniotic acid. Their skin is more sensitive, when they come out to the world in the different environmental temperature. Their sweat glands are not active fully. So it takes time to adapt to the outer environmental temperature. Their skin is soft and tender. Touching them is a pleasurable moment in life. Their skin will easily get irritated, it results in rashes and allergies. Due to the inactive sweat glands, their skin is dry. Take care of their skin is more important. Here are some ways to take of the newborn’s skin.

  • Cover them properly, because the outer temperature is new to them. In winter, cover the feet and hands with glove to protect them. In summer, you can use a humidifier to retain the temperature in the room. This may protect the baby from sunburns.
  • Newborns no need of bathing regularly. Bath them twice or thrice in a week. The water should be warm and not hot. Use moisturizer baby soap. Do not use adult soap, which contain chemicals. Some wiper may make the rashes on the baby’s skin. So watch them carefully for rashes. If it occurs please do not use the unnamed wipers.
  • Do not use baby powders after bathing. It will close the pores of the baby’s skin. This will cause rashes on their skin.
  • Use moisturizer cream after bathing. This will retain the moisture on the baby’s skin.
  • Breastfeed them regularly to keep them hydrated.

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