Skin and hair care tips for the winter

Skin and hair careWinter is the time when you need to be extra cautious with your skin and hair. It’s the season of chapped skin, brittle nails and rough hair- but with proper care tips you can assure a healthy glowing skin even in the chilling months. The article here is a short note on the right care tips for the winter season.

The first point to note here is that you have to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized all the year round. Thus, drink plenty of water so that the skin never gets dry due to dehydration. You must have minimum 8 glasses of water everyday. Then, be careful about your diet as well. A good winter diet should comprise of Omega 3 and Vitamin C in abundance as both of these ensure a supple and glam sin tone. Omega 3 is found in eggs as well as fishes like tuna and salmon. The vitamin C enriched foods are tomatoes, oranges, lemons and berries.

Then, you have to count on cream based facial cleanser. The usual cleansers that you use while removing the make-up layers rip off the moisture from your face. The cream based cleansers will act as moisture lock keeping the skin healthy during the colder months. Besides, you have to moisturize your skin at least twice a day- one after bath and another before going to bed. Use jojoba oil prior to taking the bath everyday. Don’t forget the sunscreen lotion everytime you go out in the sun.

In regards to hair, a good oil massage is needed prior to every shampoo. Go for mild shampoos and wash your hair with lukewarm water. Don’t forget the hair spa in winter months. You must spa your hair at least twice every month as the stressed dry up quicker within a cold ambience.

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