Simple steps to fight against high fever

fever treatment, care during feverIf your body temperature goes more than 103.6 degrees you are having a high fever. High fever is painful with constant body ache, cold chills and hot flashes and the article here presents with some vital tips on how to fight against high fever.

Take rest

The first thing you should do while down with high fever is rest up. Lie down comfortably on your bed or couch and its advisable not to go out for work for the time being till your temperature gets down. Moving out would add unnecessary stress which might further your temperature level leading to the worsening of the situation.

Warm face bath

Fill up a bowl with warm water and then bend your face over it with a towel covering up the mane. There shouldn’t be any space for the steam to escape out. Inhale the steam for around five minutes. Now, wipe your face with towel soaked into chilled water. Follow the warm face bath 2-3 times a day and make sure that the bowl water stays hot throughout.

Keep the body hydrated

As the body temperature rises up, the body starts losing its fluid proportion rapidly, usually through sweat leading to dehydration. To prevent the dehydration, it’s suggested to sip through fluids all through the day. You have to take room temperature water at brief intervals to keep the body hydrated. If water seems boring, juices or caffeine free drinks at times would work as well. Frequent (minimum once in every 2 hours) bathroom breaks is actually a positive sign when you are down with high fever.


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