Pros and cons of taking sleeping pills

side effects of sleeping pillsTreatment for any kind of disease has some kind of pros and cons and the same is applicable for the case of sleeping pills too. We often tend to overlook the cons that are there when we take sleeping pills just for the fact that we want temporary relief. The sleep that we need at that time cannot be ignored either and neither can be the truth that sleeping pills are not good for our health.

Sleeping pills- pros and cons

You must have seen that sleeping pills have been in use for a long time now. Sometimes the doctor themselves prescribe sleeping pills which are available over the counter form the medicine shops whereas there are some which we ourselves take without the doctor prescribing it. This can be dangerous. Well if you consider both the positive and negative sides of it then the balance will be pretty equal. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of sleeping pills:

  • To start with the positive side, sleeping pills helps to bring relief from the symptoms of insomnia or in better words sleeplessness.
  • On the other hand taking of pills becomes an addiction. Once you start taking sleeping pills it is difficult to sleep without them which is not good at all. The body needs natural sleep and not forced sleep.
  • There may be reasons why you are not getting any sleep and that mainly happens due to stress. So it is important that you go for a checkup that will include stress relief measures and not for the reason that you are not getting proper sleep.


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