Natural Skin Treatment for Eczema

Natural Skin Treatment, EczemaAtopic dermatitis or better known as eczema is a skin disease which has long term affects. Most cases of eczema are chronic and the patient develops red swollen skin which itches and develops patches. Blisters and irritated skin and bleeding might also occur in the affected area. This is a kind of allergy which has long term effects. Many children also have this disease and eczema can start at the tender age of 4 to 6 months as well. One might even develop it at adulthood.

  • Home Remedies For Eczema

One can’t get rid of eczema completely without medication but here are some home remedies which might give the patient some relief.

a)      Avoid talking warm baths. Instead go for a hot shower. Use a medicated soap if necessary.

b)      If you tend to itch in your sleep, wear gloves before you go to sleep. Cover the affected area with dressing and gently pat it down when it itches.

c)      Apply the cream given by your doctor when the skin seems dried up.

d)     Diphenhydramine can be taken if the itching continues. It’s an oral pill but you should check with your doctor first, and see if it’s okay for you to take it in your condition.

e)      Avoid wearing clothes that are tight fitted.

f)       Clean the affected area with the medicated soap and clean water every day. Apply the cream and put a dressing ion it. It’s important to keep the affected area clean at all times.

Follow these simple tips everyday and hope and you will get some relief from the soar feeling and the itching to some extent.


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