Know-how on proper oral hygiene

proper oral hygieneA pearly white set of teeth is certainly on the wish list of many. Yes, your teeth play a key role in defining your appearance and hold the ability to make or break it for you. Thus, you should always be careful about a proper oral hygiene. The article here sheds some light on how to ensure effective oral care.

Timely and careful brushing

This is the most basic tip when it comes to oral care. You have to brush twice daily- once after the first big meal of the day- say a brunch or lunch- and another before getting to bed at night. Use the brush vertically on your teeth and don’t forget to rub the corner most teeth-tops. You have to keep the brush covered always and make sure to get a new brush after 6-7 months.

Detergent foods

There are some foods that work as natural teeth cleaners while you eat them. These are apple, raw carrot, popcorn and celery. Eat any of these after a heavy meal to ensure a thorough teeth clean-up naturally- in case brushing isn’t possible after the meal.

Use mouthwash

Mouthwash is much needed to ensure a refreshing breath and proper floss. The dentists advise a mouthwash routine at least 4 times a week.

Stay away from harmful foods

You know there are some foods that are seriously harmful for your teeth by their own means. These are coffee, alcohol, colas and sweetened foods. Try to avoid them as much as possible and make sure to brush your teeth properly after a session with these.

Stop or cut down smoking

It’s impossible to achieve the pearly white teeth if you are a chain smoker.

Annual dentist visit

You must get yourself a dentist visit at least once in a year to assure that all your teeth problems are attended on time.

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