Keeping a Check on Your Liver Health

liver care, treatment for liverThe liver is a vital organ present in all vertebrates. It is the largest internal organ in the human body and it has several important body functions. Liver controls metabolism in a major way. Apart from that, it also secretes several bio-chemicals which are necessary for digestive processes. Other functions of the liver are to produce substances which work for the immune system of the body. Liver is also concerned with protein synthesis and detoxification of the body’s various substances. Liver produces bile which emulsifies fats in the process of digestion.

Main Diseases Of The Liver

a)      Pale Stools- this situation is characterized by reduction in brown pigmentation from fecal matter, mainly caused due to irregularity in liver functions.

b)      When bilirubin mixes with urine, it causes the color of urine to become dark.

c)      Jaundice is a common problem which is caused when the bilirubin gets deposited on the skin.

d)     Excessive bleeding when a cut or bruising occurs could be due to some abnormality in the liver.

e)      When there is excess loss in nutrients and minerals a person might feel more lazy and tired than usual. This is also caused to abnormal liver functions.

f)       Swelling of the abdomen and feet without any known cause could mean liver problems too.

How To Take Care Of Your Liver?

Limit your intake of fried food and processed foods. Also you should reduce the intake of fructose as excess fructose could affect liver functions. Increase your intake of vegetables, fresh fruits and natural fruit and vegetable juices. You could also go on a detox diet once in a while to cleanse your system. Also reduce the intake of alcohol. They are mostly empty calories and excess alcohol cannot be taken care of by the liver.

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