How to strengthen knees

strengthen kneesDuring our lifetime the knees take a constant pounding whenever we walk or run or do anything. This is the main reason why so many people are suffering from knee pain. If you have not been associated with sports or with any exercise then there might be chances that you may face the same thing in the near future. The main reason why people face knee problems is because over the years there are internal micro damages which causes the bones to stick together and as a result of the friction they start to decay. This causes the pain and further knee problems. Knees should always be pain free and mobile and the longer you stay active the better it is for you and your knees. There are several ways to strengthen your knees which would keep them pain free for the coming years. Here are some of the tips which you can follow:

• Stationery biking- biking has always been a good exercise. It not only keeps the body fit by promoting the blood flow but also strengthens the knees. With stationary biking the knees will get more stamina and mobility as it helps to promote a range of motion while paddling.

• Water therapy- this is also known as pool therapy which helps to reduce the pressure of bodyweight while doing any exercise. When you are in water your bodyweight decreases. This concept is followed when you are doing exercise in a pool and it has great results for the body especially for the knees. In water you will have the control over the resistance which has to be provided to the knees.

• Weight training- weight training should not be confused with weight lifting. Weight training is basically an exercise where you have to sit with your legs extended. In this position you would need to take up some weight which would help to absorb the bodyweight thus strengthening your knees and the areas around the biceps.

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