How To Make A Natural Eye Cream For Yourself

Natural Eye Cream, eye careThe most beautiful part of our body is our eyes. Eyes can speak. Eyes can express your feelings. The skin around the eyes are very sensitive. Wrinkle around the eyes shows the first sign of ageing. Natural eye cream can protect your eyes from dark circles, wrinkles and it help to reduce the signs of aging. Here are some tips to make a natural eye cream.

Turmeric and lemon is the best combination in making of eye cream. Make a paste using ½ tsp of turmeric and 1tsp of lemon. Apply the paste under your eyes and keep it for 15 mins. Then wash it. This is the solution for dark circles around the eyes. By doing this regularly, your dark circles will vanish soon.

Make a paste of fenugreek using water. Mix it with boiling water, cool it and apply the mixture under the eyes. This will prevent skin from creasing and forming lines under the eyes.

Milk is the main agent in reducing the puffy eyes. Dip cotton in milk and place it under your eyes, until the milk gets warm. Do this regularly, surely it will reduce the puffy eyes within a few applications.

The Banana is one of the best home remedy for wrinkle eyes. Cut the banana into slices and make it as a paste. Apply the paste under the eyes for 30 minutes. Then wash your eyes with warm water. By doing this, will reduce the wrinkle eyes. There are lots of eye cream lotion available. Using the chemical based eye creams are not good for the skin. Try these natural eye cream. This will give a good result.

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