How to fight against premature grey

aging, premature grey, hair careA premature grey mane is really depressing- surely who wants to look old at a young age? If around 50 percent of you hair has turned grey by the age of forty, you are having premature grey problem. There are various reasons associated with the early graying of hair and these are too much of stress, improper diet, dandruff, over exposure to heat and chemicals and genetics as well. However nothing to worry about as here are some tips to fight against premature grey

Kill stress

As told earlier stress is a major contributor to early graying of hair and hence if you really want to achieve a healthy dark mane you have to stay away from stress. It’s certainly not easy as said but a little meditation, yoga or exercise would actually help you to relax, unwind and de-stress.

Follow a nutritious diet

Always follow a nutritious and balanced diet here since diet plays a major role in preserving the natural shade of your tresses. Enhance your protein intake- include a good proportion of whole grains, cereals, soy and meat into your diet. Then focus on foods enriched in iodine such as carrot, fish and banana. Curry leaves would be a great addition as well. Vitamin C and B makes your hair stronger and stop premature graying. Thus, you have to concentrate highly on citrus fruits, soymilk and other food items that can nourish you with good amount of these two vitamins.

Wash hair properly

Wash your hair properly and regularly and keep it free from dandruff.

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