Getting Rid of Ringworm

Getting Rid of RingwormRingworm refers to a kind of fungal infection in which your skin is covered with blister, darkened rings, scaling and red rings. This infection is caused by fungi that are called the dermatophytes. Ringworm can occur in any area of your body such as your nails, chest, feet, hands, scalp and so on. The most dangerous fact about ringworm is that it is contagious. Therefore if you have ringworm then make sure that you get rid of it as soon as possible. This article will put forward certain effective ways of eradicating ringworm once and for all.

The area that is affected by ringworm must be cleaned appropriately with some soap. The Selsun Blue shampoo will be perfect as it will help reduce ringworm infection. By cleaning the ringworm infected area, the spread of dermatophytes (fungus) will be slowed down. After cleaning it you can apply an anti-fungal cream such as Lamaism because the cream will remove the infection. You will then just have to cover up the area with a bandage.

There are certain herbs that are extremely effective on ringworm infections such as butea, holy basil, leadwort, lemon grass, turmeric and so on. So you can utilize any of these to treat your ringworm disease.

You must not consume sour food items like sour fruits, vegetables, cheese, curd etc. if you have the infection. Avoid oily and fatty food items as well. In addition to these stay away from highly spicy foods, chocolates, beverages and preserved food. Eat bitter food items and keep your diet simple and natural. Consume green vegetables as much as possible.

Mustard paste and raw papaya juice can also be useful in reducing ringworm disease. Keep applying coconut oil in the infected area so that it does not become dry. Regularly have a bath and keep yourself absolutely clean.

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