Effective solution for dark knees and underarms

dark knees cure, dark underarms cure, white underarms, white kneesDark knees and underarms is a serious handicap to wearing the stylish sleeveless and short attires. Are you too down because of your dark underarms and knees? Well, nothing to worry about as there are a number of easy steps that can help you to get a fairer appearance so that you can confidently turn up in to your trendy spaghetti top or the coveted LBD. Here are the tips.

Tips for dark knees

  • Make a scrub with honey, lemon juice and brown sugar. Scrubbing the skin would help to remove the dead skin layer, one of the main reasons for your dark knee. However, don’t use the scrub on dry skin directly and make sure to wet it up before applying the scrub.
  • Glycolic acids would be good as well. Glycolic acid obtained from sugar cane is capable of replacing the damaged skin getting you whiter and younger skin.

Tips for dark underarms

  • Lemon is really helpful in removing the dead cells from the underarm area leaving you with a fresh surface. Take a slice of lemon and rub the slice gently on the underarm area.
  • Make a pack with cucumber juice & turmeric powder. Add on lime juice to it as well for a better fight against the dead cells. Apply the mixture on the underarm region and leave it for nearly an hour. Wash it off properly for a glowing look.
  • Vitamin E enriched body oil would also help in whitening the underarms.


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