Dental cavity prevention tips

Dental cavity prevention tipsCavities are one of the most painful oral menaces. These are the holes on your teeth formed due to oral bacteria infection and might result in complete fall out of the teeth if not treated on time. Thus, you have to be careful about a proper oral hygiene to ensure prevention of dental cavity. The write up below offers some tips that would help in effective dental cavity protection.

Regular brushing

This is the most important steps when it comes to prevention of dental cavity. Make sure to brush minimum twice daily while some dentists even advice to brush thrice- one in the morning, another post lunch and the last one after dinner. The after-dinner brushing is the most significant. Be careful to brush upside down and also above the wider teeth located at the gum ends.

Fluoride rich toothpaste

Fluoride is very essential for a thorough oral cleaning. Hence you must count on fluoride rich toothpaste for your regular brushing needs.


Mere brushing won’t be enough- you must make sure to use a mouthwash for a good floss after brushing. Go for a fluoride based mouthwash and use it daily, especially after your dinner.

Tooth-healthy foods

You must know that the starch and sugar rich foods are some of the leading reasons behind cavity or tooth decay. Hence you have to be careful about your diet- cut down on your junk, chocolate and other sorts of sweetened intake. This is especially significant for children who are most common victims of tooth decay given their soft corner for the chocolates and candies. Count on fresh fruits & vegetables rather as well cheese, sugar-free gum, unsweetened coffee & tea.

Annual dental visit

Many people ignore a dentist visit and only hit the chamber when there is a severe problem. But it’s of utmost importance that you visit your dentist at least once a year so that you can aware of the possible problems.

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