Dealing with receding hairline

solution to hairfall, hair careWith age and with constant exposure to the pollution in the atmosphere, the amount of hair on our head keeps decreasing over time. For those who are quite young, a receding hairline can not only be a matter of worry, but also shame and embarrassment. A receding hairline or emerging baldness can bring a huge setback in your confidence and make you suffer from low self esteem. Here are a few tips that can help you deal with your receding hairline:

  • Don’t wait till all your hair disappears and you go totally bald. Visit a doctor or a dermatologist and speak about what can be done to either regain your hair or keep the remaining ones from falling.
  • Stay away from combs and shampoos. Overuse of hair products and constant combing of your hair and lead to increase hair fall and thereby worse your condition. Hair styling gels, colors and hot irons are a strict no.
  • In order to stimulate your hair growth use hair oil products that are rich in minoxidil. There are many oil brands or hair massage products rich in minoxidil. However there are certain side-effects of these hair generation products. In case of any allergy or itching, discontinue use.
  • There are many who suffer from a receding hairline due to no possible reason. Some may have it in their genetics and it can run in the family as well. In such cases, embrace the new look and be open about it.
  • Shave off your hair. A shiny, bald head is sometimes better then a head having countable number of hairs! Jazz up your bald look by opting for fashionable hats and head gear!


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