Dealing with open pores

open pores, open pores carePeople with open pores consider it as a nuisance because they are so unattractive and visible. There are a several ways of dealing with the open pores. Some of the ways are as follows:

  • Application of egg white on the affected area is pretty effective. This is a very simple procedure and can work really well for the skin. If you don’t want to apply egg white then you can use a fruit or vegetable that contains a stringent quality for example tomatoes. This will result in smoothening of the texture of your skin which is uneven; it will also reduce these pores.
  • If you use toners then they shall temporarily tighten the open pores. So utilization of a good toner is the most hassle free and best open pores take care regime. If you make it a point to wash your face at least four times a day then you shall experience drastic improvement.
  • If you have open pores that you need to hide then using a good oil free concealer or foundation is advisable. But once you are back home it must be washed off carefully and completely off your face. Indulge in proper cleansing and application of toner for best results.
  • Using a good face scrub on a regular basis or at least on alternative days it will help you avoid the emergence of blackheads which are quite common for such a condition to develop.

If these tips are adhered to religiously then you are sure to get a smooth and beautiful skin.


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