Dealing With a Minor Infection At Home

infection, treatment for infectionIf you happen to come across any kind of minor accident like a minor cut or burn, then you should know the right way to take care of it at home. First of all, you need to check the wound. If you see that the blood has clotted and the cut is not too deep, then you probably won’t need any stitches. But if you happen to cut yourself from any kind of metal object then you should get a tetanus shot to stay on the safe side. After that, caring for your wound is up to you.

In Case Of Cuts

a) First of all, wash the wound carefully with water
b) After that, make sure that the bleeding has stopped and out some kind of antiseptic cream
c) Never put cotton directly in an open wound as the fibers can get stuck to the open wound
d) When you see that the wound has been taken care of you can put bandage or band aid on the affected area


a) Check how deep the burn is
b) Put tap water on the wound for an extended period of time till the pain lessens to a bearable level
c) Don’t put cotton on it as mentioned before
d) You should put some burn cream to take care of pain and inflammation
e) When you go out you might want to put a bandage around the wound to protect it from infections
In both cases, you should put anti bacterial or anti septic healing cream after the wound has dried up so that the wound heals and closes up faster. Take painkillers if you have trouble sleeping due to the pain of the wound.


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