Cons of walking in high heels

high heels, disadvantages of high heelsWearing high heels is an age old fashion and it’s still famous among modern women. Nowadays more women are wearing high heel shoes. High heel shoes will improve your body posture, pose a modern look, shaped legs and will give a tall look. Apart from these good things there are lots of disadvantages as well. Most of the cons are related to body and health.

Some of the cons of wearing high heels are listed below…

  • Heels and pain are the basic aspect of wearing heels for women. Foot bears the entire body weight. It should have a balance while walking otherwise it’ll lead to foot and leg strain. It can lead to injury.
  • If the balance is not met while walking, this is can lead to hip strain.
  • Leg sprains can be caused by walking in high heels. Some of the sprains are not easy to cure. A long rest will be advised for these kind of sprains.
  • Weight concentration on the foot can turn them yellow.
  • The major cause of back pain among women are caused by the prolonged usage of high heeled shoes.
  • If the body balance is not correct, you will experience difficulty in walking or even standing.
  • Foot calluses will form over thumb bone. These are tough to avoid.
  • Prolonged usage of heels during a day will cause less blood circulation to the foot.

Heels usage may cause edema in legs, varicosity in shin and knee damage.


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