Causes of white spots on skin

white spot on skin, skin careThere could be many different reasons for the white spots on the skin. One of the most common reasons for such spots is leucoderma or vitiligo. It is a serious diseases and it makes the skin lose its original color. It may also be caused for genetic reasons. Therefore, vitilgo could be a major cause for the white spots on your skin.

Another common cause for the white spots on the skin could be eczema. It may be identified by burning and itching of the skin. Therefore, if you find that your skin is showing brown or white spots, it could be the case that you are suffering from eczema. It may happen when there is damage in the skin resulting to loss of cells. It could be treated by using moisturizing creams.

White spots on the skin may also be caused by frequent tanning. It is important that you take the right measures before you go out for a tan. The UV rays of the sun may not be good if you are exposed to it for a long time.

White spots on the skin can also be caused by certain medications. Women may be affected by the problem when they are on the birth control pills.

Another common disorder that may lead to white spots on the skin is Pityriasis Alba. This disorder is very common in children who have direct exposure to sunlight. Therefore, these are some of many common causes of white spots on your skin.


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