Causes of flaky skin

flaky skin, skin careThe main cause of flakiness of the skin is because of excessive dryness. Now the question is why the dryness occurs. Doctors have suggested some of the following reasons why it happens:

  • Facial cleansers– people often have the habit of using facial cleansers to wash their face but sometimes they are really harmful especially if the cleanser has sodium laurel sulfate in it. They make the skin dry and if you use warm water with it then it is more harmful.
  • Showering– this is done by people almost daily and different people have different ways of getting the water while bathing. Some use taps while some use bathtubs. However it has been proved that people who use taps get a dry skin and ultimately it results to flaky skin. The reasons behind that are the water strips which harm the natural oil of the skin.
  • Chlorine– swimming is something that may people practice and in every pool there is chlorine to keep the water pollution free. This chlorine is harmful if it is used in excess in the water. They make the skin dry and also results in pimples in the skin and face. That is many swimmers are forced to treat them with benzoyl peroxide.
  • Dehydration– poor hydration often results in flaky skin. If a person has the habit of drinking too much of alcohol then the same effect will be seen on his skin after a certain period of time. So you should always drink more water and less of alcohol.

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