Causes and cure of crow’s feet

crow’s feet, skin careCrow’s feet are usually the first wrinkles that you can notice when you near your mid life. These wrinkles appear on the corner of your eyes when you contract your face muscles. These dynamic wrinkles are extremely noticeable with actions like a smile or a squint.


There are many causes for the occurrence of these aging signals. The reasons include sun exposure, menopause, smoking, squinting and many more. Generally people with lighter skin are more prone to crow’s feet than persons with dark skin. The UV ray tends to damage collagen and elastin which leads to lax skin. Years of consistent squinting can gradually form almost permanent wrinkles. The habit of squinting adds naturally to crow’s feet. Smokers are also prone to early crow’s feet because smoking also reduces the collagen and elastin fibers. Presence of estrogen in females prevents crow’s feet; this is why women after menopause develop finer lines of these dynamic wrinkles.


If an experienced and qualified doctor exercises caution while administering the injection of a prescription drug called Botox. Proper Botox injections work on and can cure crow’s feet. Botox injections are very costly but do not provide a permanent solution. But what it promises is instant affect. This treatment for crow’s feet if adopted should be adopted on a regular basis depending upon the response of a person’s skin which varies from one person to another. Another reliable option is anti-aging creams that contain phytessence Wakame. These boost the skin with collagen and elastin which stops the popping of these wrinkles.


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