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Tips to get Rid of White Spots from Skin

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016
White Spots on hands

White Spots reducing tips

When the cells present in our body produces melanin, it stops functioning or gets die. this is one of the reason of getting white spots on the skin. Trust me; it is really tough to get rid of these white spots from the skin. Basically, the normal skin tone gets disappeared in blotches and it can affect any part of your body. White spots are also known by vitilgo. White spots on the skin might also occur sue to some chemical reaction in your body. It might also occur due to genetic reasons, viral or neural cause, or oxidation cause. Well, don’t lose your heart because white spots can easily be treated, if diagnosed at an early stage. But for first, it is important to analyse the cause of white spots and common symptoms showing its effects.



White spots reducing tips:

Here is some home or natural remedies that offer and works as a treatment for getting rid of white spots from the skin. Following these stated tips religiously helps you in getting back your flawless skin as the time passes.

Use ginger:

Ginger juice is one of the best option to opt while facing the disease of white spots on your skin. Ginger is useful for increasing the blood circulation in your body. There are many ways of using ginger for reducing white spots are:

Mix lemon juice and water and ginger should be mixed well with it. Consuming it twice a day helps in making an attempt for reducing the white spots. Prepare a ginger paste or rub a small piece of ginger on the white spots observed on your body. Mix red clay in ginger paste or juice, and apply it directly on the white spots. Leave it for 20 to 25 minutes and rinse it off with Luke warm water.

Use honey:

Honey is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial component that is beneficial in killing the fungus and bacteria and offers a healthy skin. There are many ways that helps in getting rid of white spots like:

First of all wash your skin with Luke warm water and pat it until it is dry. Apply raw honey on the white spots and let it rest so that it can easily get absorbed into your skin. Another way to apply honey is by adding two tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of powders namely, rice, sandalwood and turmeric. Apply the paste on the sections of your body with white spots. Rinse it properly after applying it for more than 10 minutes.

Use Neem:

Neem is considered to be a good natural remedy used for getting rid of white spots. Take a teaspoon of dried neem leaves powder and add a little amount of water for making a paste consistency. Apply the paste on white spots directly and leave it for some time. Rinse it properly and repeat the process again for enjoying the best results. Neem is helpful in treating all kinds of skin problems.

Skin and hair care tips for the winter

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Skin and hair careWinter is the time when you need to be extra cautious with your skin and hair. It’s the season of chapped skin, brittle nails and rough hair- but with proper care tips you can assure a healthy glowing skin even in the chilling months. The article here is a short note on the right care tips for the winter season.

The first point to note here is that you have to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized all the year round. Thus, drink plenty of water so that the skin never gets dry due to dehydration. You must have minimum 8 glasses of water everyday. Then, be careful about your diet as well. A good winter diet should comprise of Omega 3 and Vitamin C in abundance as both of these ensure a supple and glam sin tone. Omega 3 is found in eggs as well as fishes like tuna and salmon. The vitamin C enriched foods are tomatoes, oranges, lemons and berries.

Then, you have to count on cream based facial cleanser. The usual cleansers that you use while removing the make-up layers rip off the moisture from your face. The cream based cleansers will act as moisture lock keeping the skin healthy during the colder months. Besides, you have to moisturize your skin at least twice a day- one after bath and another before going to bed. Use jojoba oil prior to taking the bath everyday. Don’t forget the sunscreen lotion everytime you go out in the sun.

In regards to hair, a good oil massage is needed prior to every shampoo. Go for mild shampoos and wash your hair with lukewarm water. Don’t forget the hair spa in winter months. You must spa your hair at least twice every month as the stressed dry up quicker within a cold ambience.

Aftercare Tips For A Vibrant Tattoo

Monday, May 20th, 2013

skin care,tattooTattoos have become a rage among the people especially youngsters. People, who get a tattoo done, consider it as a medium of expressing themselves. You might take special time to select a perfect design for the tattoo and also use the services a professional tattoo artist. But is that enough to get a vibrant tattoo? No it is not. After you get your tattoo done, it is very essential that you take proper care of it. This article will guide you on how to take care of your tattoo so that it can look original and vibrant always.

First rule would be to leave the bandage over the tattoo. The artist will cover up the tattoo with a protective bandage so that the bacteria do not invade it because a tattoo is actually a wound. After may be two hours you can remove the bandage. Clean the tattoo and the area around it with lukewarm water and some liquid antibacterial mild soap. Then gently pat that area dry using a soft towel. Then apply an antimicrobial ointment on the tattoo.

Do not forget to apply the antibacterial ointment on the tattoo at least two times a day for a few weeks. You can take a shower with the new tattoo but do not allow it to saturate. Do not soak the tattoo in a hot tub or a bathtub. Avoid swimming for about 2 to 3 weeks. When the tattoo itches do not scratch or pick at it. Protect your tattoo from the harsh sun rays even after it is healed completely.

Tattoo Aftercare – Precautions You Should Take

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

tattoo aftercare, tattooTattoos are open wounds and they are very sensitive. They are susceptible to various kinds of infections. You must stay very careful as soon as you have got a new tattoo. You must keep the tattoo as clean as possible so that no infection builds on it. Each one’s body is different and the healing time of each individual is also different. The process of drying and the time taken depends on the skin type and the technique used by the tattoo artist. Some of the aftercare precautions are-

When you leave the studio after doing the tattoo put a bandage around it so that there is no outside contact with the tattoo. After 2-3 hours remove the bandage which you had put. As the tattoo is like an open wound it may bleed for the first 24 hours.

When handling the tattoo like removing the tattoo clean your hand thoroughly with warm water and antiseptic soaps. Use clean towel to dry. When you remove the bandage do it slowly and be gentle. Clean the tattoo with antiseptic lotions. Do not scrub it or rub it. Allow the tattoo to dry. It helps in faster and better healing.

Follow it by applying emu oil. The oil has fatty acids and which increases the circulation in the affected area. It also does not block the pores as the other oils do. It also helps in keeping the tattoo moisturized. The oil helps getting rid of the discomfort and the redness. Use the oil twice or thrice a day.

With proper care from the beginning you will be able to enjoy the tattoo lifetime.

Skin care for a new born

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

skin care tips, Skin care for new bornThe newborn baby was in their mother’s womb for the period of nine months in amniotic acid. Their skin is more sensitive, when they come out to the world in the different environmental temperature. Their sweat glands are not active fully. So it takes time to adapt to the outer environmental temperature. Their skin is soft and tender. Touching them is a pleasurable moment in life. Their skin will easily get irritated, it results in rashes and allergies. Due to the inactive sweat glands, their skin is dry. Take care of their skin is more important. Here are some ways to take of the newborn’s skin.

  • Cover them properly, because the outer temperature is new to them. In winter, cover the feet and hands with glove to protect them. In summer, you can use a humidifier to retain the temperature in the room. This may protect the baby from sunburns.
  • Newborns no need of bathing regularly. Bath them twice or thrice in a week. The water should be warm and not hot. Use moisturizer baby soap. Do not use adult soap, which contain chemicals. Some wiper may make the rashes on the baby’s skin. So watch them carefully for rashes. If it occurs please do not use the unnamed wipers.
  • Do not use baby powders after bathing. It will close the pores of the baby’s skin. This will cause rashes on their skin.
  • Use moisturizer cream after bathing. This will retain the moisture on the baby’s skin.
  • Breastfeed them regularly to keep them hydrated.

Dealing with open pores

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

open pores, open pores carePeople with open pores consider it as a nuisance because they are so unattractive and visible. There are a several ways of dealing with the open pores. Some of the ways are as follows:

  • Application of egg white on the affected area is pretty effective. This is a very simple procedure and can work really well for the skin. If you don’t want to apply egg white then you can use a fruit or vegetable that contains a stringent quality for example tomatoes. This will result in smoothening of the texture of your skin which is uneven; it will also reduce these pores.
  • If you use toners then they shall temporarily tighten the open pores. So utilization of a good toner is the most hassle free and best open pores take care regime. If you make it a point to wash your face at least four times a day then you shall experience drastic improvement.
  • If you have open pores that you need to hide then using a good oil free concealer or foundation is advisable. But once you are back home it must be washed off carefully and completely off your face. Indulge in proper cleansing and application of toner for best results.
  • Using a good face scrub on a regular basis or at least on alternative days it will help you avoid the emergence of blackheads which are quite common for such a condition to develop.

If these tips are adhered to religiously then you are sure to get a smooth and beautiful skin.

Causes and cure of crow’s feet

Friday, January 11th, 2013

crow’s feet, skin careCrow’s feet are usually the first wrinkles that you can notice when you near your mid life. These wrinkles appear on the corner of your eyes when you contract your face muscles. These dynamic wrinkles are extremely noticeable with actions like a smile or a squint.


There are many causes for the occurrence of these aging signals. The reasons include sun exposure, menopause, smoking, squinting and many more. Generally people with lighter skin are more prone to crow’s feet than persons with dark skin. The UV ray tends to damage collagen and elastin which leads to lax skin. Years of consistent squinting can gradually form almost permanent wrinkles. The habit of squinting adds naturally to crow’s feet. Smokers are also prone to early crow’s feet because smoking also reduces the collagen and elastin fibers. Presence of estrogen in females prevents crow’s feet; this is why women after menopause develop finer lines of these dynamic wrinkles.


If an experienced and qualified doctor exercises caution while administering the injection of a prescription drug called Botox. Proper Botox injections work on and can cure crow’s feet. Botox injections are very costly but do not provide a permanent solution. But what it promises is instant affect. This treatment for crow’s feet if adopted should be adopted on a regular basis depending upon the response of a person’s skin which varies from one person to another. Another reliable option is anti-aging creams that contain phytessence Wakame. These boost the skin with collagen and elastin which stops the popping of these wrinkles.


Causes of blackheads

Monday, January 7th, 2013

blackheads, causes of blackheadsBlackheads are nothing but a very common kind of acne. These are hard to eliminate and stubborn. They are quite capable of running a special event planned. In order to handle these stubborn outbursts we need to acquire enough knowledge about what exactly cause blackheads. This shall lead to better health and better appearance. Generally these stubborn blackheads appear on the forehead and nose. One of the usual suspects of theses form of acne is natural body oil production. Unkempt skin or skin which is not taken good care of is also common reasons for blackheads to appear. Secretion of sebum secreted by a gland called sebaceous gland is the reason for blackheads. Sebum is a medical term for oil. Excess oil production due to hyperactive sebaceous gland can create a stride of unavoidable blackheads.

Oil secretion is the primary cause but what causes the end result is the mixture of excess oil produced with dust and dirt.

Blackheads are capable of creating stubborn scars irrespective of how small they may be. Blackheads are everyday problem and it is very important to understand that if you want to get rid of this kind of acne then you must include certain activities in your daily regime. Simple practices like thorough cleansing of the face and blackhead prone body areas, using  BHA solution or Beta Hydroxy Acid extract can keep the pores of the skin clean and reduce the sebum secreted that is prevent excess oil secretion of skin. This can help you to get rid of blackheads.

Effective solution for dark knees and underarms

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

dark knees cure, dark underarms cure, white underarms, white kneesDark knees and underarms is a serious handicap to wearing the stylish sleeveless and short attires. Are you too down because of your dark underarms and knees? Well, nothing to worry about as there are a number of easy steps that can help you to get a fairer appearance so that you can confidently turn up in to your trendy spaghetti top or the coveted LBD. Here are the tips.

Tips for dark knees

  • Make a scrub with honey, lemon juice and brown sugar. Scrubbing the skin would help to remove the dead skin layer, one of the main reasons for your dark knee. However, don’t use the scrub on dry skin directly and make sure to wet it up before applying the scrub.
  • Glycolic acids would be good as well. Glycolic acid obtained from sugar cane is capable of replacing the damaged skin getting you whiter and younger skin.

Tips for dark underarms

  • Lemon is really helpful in removing the dead cells from the underarm area leaving you with a fresh surface. Take a slice of lemon and rub the slice gently on the underarm area.
  • Make a pack with cucumber juice & turmeric powder. Add on lime juice to it as well for a better fight against the dead cells. Apply the mixture on the underarm region and leave it for nearly an hour. Wash it off properly for a glowing look.
  • Vitamin E enriched body oil would also help in whitening the underarms.

How To Make A Moisturizing Face Pack

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

Moisturizing Face Pack, free creamThe home-made natural face packs are way better than the chemical based store bought ones. The home made ones, being natural are always free from side effects and definitely cheaper in expense as you are making it yourself only. Here are some useful recipes for making moisturizing face packs.

Avocado face pack

The avocado face pack involves avocado & honey, two most useful moisturizing agents. You will need a half soft and very ripe avocado and ¼ th cup of honey. Mash the fruit into a bowl and then pour in the honey and stir until it’s a smooth paste. Apply the paste to the skin & leave like that for around 10 minutes. Now, rinse your face with cool washcloth.

Milk mask

Take one teaspoon of powdered milk, one tablespoon of honey, one teaspoon of aloe vera gel and essential oil (2 drops). It’s one of the classic face packs for face. Mix up all the specified ingredients well and then apply to the face. Keep it that way for around 15 minutes and then wash it with mild warm water.

Chocolate face pack

Dark chocolate not only satiates your taste bud but could be equally beneficial for your skin as well. For the chocolate face pack you will need 1 bar of dark chocolate, 1 cup of milk and 3 tablespoon of salt. Mix up the salt and milk well into a little bowl. Place a little bowl on the saucepan 1/4th filled with water set on the boiler on medium heat. Now break the bar into pieces which will help in a faster melting. Make sure it’s evenly melted and then take the bowl out of the saucepan. Apply the pack only when it’s cool.

Getting Rid Of Dark Spots And Skin Blemishes

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012

Dark Spots, Skin BlemishesWhat causes dark spots in the skin? Melanin is a skin pigment that gives the color to skin. If the skin produces more melanin, then it causes uneven colored patches and dark spots. An enzyme called tyrosinase causes over production of melanin. Skin discoloration can be caused by Melasma, spots due to age, hyper pigmentation, Linea Fusca, Reihl’s Melanosis and due to some insect bites. More importantly, over exposure to the sun creates dark patches and dark spots. Some diseases and body conditions such as pregnancy, liver disease, Hemachromatosis, can also cause skin dark spots. Some medications can also cause dark spots such as Estrogens, Phenytoin, Tetracycline and Sulfonamides. To treat skin patches and dark spots, there are effective chemicals and some natural alternatives as well.

Here Are Some Great Tips For Getting Rid Of The Skin Dark Spots And Blemishes:

  • Lemon is a great and simple cure for dark spots, apply lemon to the spot daily and leave on with Honey or vinegar applied on top of it.
  • Papaya contains a skin essential enzyme called papain. The daily application of raw papaya can remove the dark spots.
  • Onion juice along vinegar can act as great and slow cure for age created dark spots or Melasma.
  • Aloe Vera juice is a great natural treatment for removing dark spots. This daily treatment can remove the spots in a month’s time.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure, if needed applies sunscreen cream or lotion in order to avoid dark spots due to sun UV exposure.

All the skin care treatments are slow in response, be patient and continue the routine to have a fresh and healthy skin.

Pros and Cons of Chemical Skin Peeling

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Chemical Skin Peeling, Chemical Peeling of skinThese days there are many chemically induced beauty treatments which people are going for to enhance their looks. Out of the many treatments, women go for chemical peeling a lot. Chemical skin peeling is a process which is done by professionals in a sterile condition in order to get rid of pimple marks and acne marks or any kind of skin patches or sunspots.

  • How Is Chemical Peeling Done?

Some natural or synthetic ingredients are used in the peel in order to loosen and take off the skin’s glue material which holds the old cells together. Then the method is carried on with precision to peel off the old skin. It can be said that it’s kind of a polishing job to reveal younger skin beneath by getting rid of the old cells.

  • Advantages Of Chemical Peeling

If this is done, skin looks visibly younger and old marks and patches can be removed to reveal glowing, smooth skin. This is a safer and faster method to get rid of wrinkles and age spots as compared to face lifts and Botox shots, respectively. However it’s not a substitute for deep set wrinkles and severe burn marks.

  • Disadvantages Of Chemical Skin Peeling

They are expensive as compared to normal facials and skin peel creams or face packs. If you have a serious medical condition for your skin, this chemical peeling might not work. Also if someone undergoes chemical skin peeling very regularly, the skin might tend to get loose and it can also lead to permanent scarring and irritations.

Natural Skin Treatment for Eczema

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Natural Skin Treatment, EczemaAtopic dermatitis or better known as eczema is a skin disease which has long term affects. Most cases of eczema are chronic and the patient develops red swollen skin which itches and develops patches. Blisters and irritated skin and bleeding might also occur in the affected area. This is a kind of allergy which has long term effects. Many children also have this disease and eczema can start at the tender age of 4 to 6 months as well. One might even develop it at adulthood.

  • Home Remedies For Eczema

One can’t get rid of eczema completely without medication but here are some home remedies which might give the patient some relief.

a)      Avoid talking warm baths. Instead go for a hot shower. Use a medicated soap if necessary.

b)      If you tend to itch in your sleep, wear gloves before you go to sleep. Cover the affected area with dressing and gently pat it down when it itches.

c)      Apply the cream given by your doctor when the skin seems dried up.

d)     Diphenhydramine can be taken if the itching continues. It’s an oral pill but you should check with your doctor first, and see if it’s okay for you to take it in your condition.

e)      Avoid wearing clothes that are tight fitted.

f)       Clean the affected area with the medicated soap and clean water every day. Apply the cream and put a dressing ion it. It’s important to keep the affected area clean at all times.

Follow these simple tips everyday and hope and you will get some relief from the soar feeling and the itching to some extent.

Dealing With Excessive Oily Skin

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

dealing with Oily Skin, skin careOne of the most common which people face with their skin is the oiliness and this results in irritation and discomfort. It makes the face greasy and it is also the cause of accumulation of soil membrane and dust on the face. Although it is tough to maintain an oily skin but it is not impossible. Even though you tend to wipe the oil after every few minutes it is generally irritating to do that every now and then.

Tips To Deal With Excessive Oily Skin

It is not always possible to get rid of the oily skin overnight. You would have to wait and follow some of the following tips in order to control the amount of oil secretion from your skin:

  • One of the best and the most common way of dealing with an oily skin is by using mild detergent to wash the face and body. But one thing that you have to remember is that the detergent must not contain high percentage of fatty substances. The detergent helps in the removal of excess sebum that is caused after the accumulation of dust and dirt. It also prevents the formation of acne and pimples on the skin and the best part is it does not have any kind of side effects.
  • Astringents that are herbal based can also be used to remove the excess oil from your skin. It is one of the most effective treatments and many doctors recommend this to their patients.

Why wheat germ oil is good for you

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

wheat germ oil, skin careIn most of the oil massages you will see wheat germ used in high percentages. This germ is based on wheat kernel and the unrefined part is the one that is used in the oil. The wheat germ is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin D and also holds large amount of Vitamin E too. The reason why wheat germ is used in massage oil is because it helps in convenient massaging. It not only makes the skin smooth but also improves the overall health of the skin. You will also find wheat germ as the ingredient of many beauty products. There are many benefits of using wheat germ oil on the skin. Some of those advantages are given below:

Helps In Improving The Skin Condition– since wheat germ oil has high percentage of Vitamin E in it the skin remain soft all the while. With all the properties of wheat germ oil the skin is rejuvenated and revitalized after the massage therapy. If your skin has got a cut or bruise applying of wheat germ oil can improve the skin’s condition.

Helps In Improving The Blood Circulation– after a massage therapy with wheat germ oil the circulation of blood in the skin improves a lot. The oil plays a big role during the massage therapy and keeps the skin tight. Apart from all this it also helps in regenerating the cells of the skin after it gets damaged due to change in climate.