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7 Tips To Quit Smoking The Natural Way

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

Quit Smoking The Natural WayOnce you have decided to discontinue smoking you may desire to evade another harmful substance like a drug to help you out. Once you have compromised the main functioning of your body organs like liver, lungs and heart for many years with smoking, now is the moment to get innate.

1. Balanced- Before you step forward stop for sometime take a deep breath and let the irritation dissolve. Dispersing the strain and irritation in the first moment is the best thing.

2. Body care- Try to consume healthy foods, drink ample of water, breathe well and walk in the sunlight. These things will make your body fit. Avoiding cigarette is a huge change for your body.

3. Breathe- Without smoking cigarettes; try to blow out the troubles from your life. Make a mindful effort to take a slow and deep breath. In this way exhale tension and inhale life.

4. Caring- Take care of your wants, express your feelings and let yourself feel good. All these things will shift your heart away from smoking and will lead you to a new loving life.

5. Change- A change in attitude, lifestyle and perspective will come as you stop smoking. Provide yourself time and chance to discover the skill, accept new habits, build up new relationships and develop new pattern of behaviour. You can change your idol and you can be successful.

6. Choice-
Quitting smoking is fairly a personal affair that eventually rests on your personal decisions that you make. Until and unless you make that decision you cannot step further to make your life happier. You are the master of your own luck. Make such choices that will lead you a better life tomorrow.

7. Creativity- Sing, dance, and draw decorate, make designs and write. When you connect your body with such creative spirit you will feel something good.

Benefits of using camphor oil

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

camphor oil, camphor oil benefitsCamphor is an essential oil extracted from the camphor trees. The oil is extracted from those trees which are sufficiently old. The oil is normally extracted using the steam distillation method from the roots and the woods of the camphor tree. With the development, many modern distillation methods came in to being. Using these advanced techniques, three different types of camphor essential oil is obtained namely- yellow, white and brown. Since the yellow and the brown variant are toxic hence only the white variety is used for aromatic as well as medicinal purpose. However excessive of this variant can also prove to be harmful.

Uses Of Camphor Oil:

  • Decongestant: Camphor proves to be of immense helpful in getting rid of the congestion in the respiratory system. A mixture of camphor oil diluted using lavender or olive oil when applied over the chest can help get rid of the congestion. Many decongestant products contain camphor content due to this reason.
  • Insecticide: Camphor proves to be a very good insect repellant. A piece of cloth simply soaked in camphor oil keeps the insects away from you.
  • Anti Inflammatory: It acts as an anti inflammatory. It leaves a very cooling effect and thus is very effective in relieving the pain.
  • Stimulant: a dilute solution of camphor essential oil has wonderful effects as a stimulant. It is also very helpful in elimination of metabolic problems that are normally caused due to poor circulation.
  • Anesthetic: Camphor oil also has a very good property to numb the sensory nerves in the skin and as a result it is used as a temporary anesthetic.


Benefits of turmeric

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

benefits of turmeric, natural cureTurmeric is one of the best aids when it comes to healing cuts and scrapes quickly. You will be surprised to know that Johnson & Johnson uses turmeric in their band aids just because it heals the affected area quickly. You must have seen turmeric being used in curries and various other foods. You may not be aware of the fact but it not only helps to give a color and taste to the food but also keeps the body healthy.

Advantages of turmeric

Following are some of the benefits of turmeric for the human body:
• It is a natural anti septic and enhances the healing of scrapes and cuts. So when you get a cut remember to put some turmeric over the area that has got cut before applying the bandage over it.
• It is such a spice that helps to fight cancer. Doctors have tested and said that turmeric contains a medical component named curcumin which helps the body to block the production of cancer cells and also stops them from spreading.
• Since turmeric has anti oxidant properties it helps to relieve the person from rheumatoid arthritis. If you are observing any kind of joint or swollen pain then there are chances that your body has got free radicals. If you consume turmeric then all such pain will be long gone.
• As said above turmeric contain curcumin that helps in the proper functioning of the liver as it removes the bad cholesterol from the body.

Lavender oil and your health

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Lavender oil, natural curesYou must have seen in the ingredients of the soap you use that it has lavender oil in it. Well lavender oil is not only used in soaps but in many other things because it helps to keep the skin better. This oil is mainly used for its aroma and fragrance.

Health benefits of lavender oil

After a detailed study it has been seen that lavender oil has various health benefits. Following are some of those benefits discussed in brief:

 Stress relief- one of the main ingredients of scented candles is lavender oil and the reason why they are used is because of their ability to relieve a person from tension and extreme stress. You will just need a few drops lavender oil to get things going. It can also provide you with proper sleep. For that you will have to apply a few drops on the pillow before sleeping.

 Congestion- inhaling of lavender oil with the help of a vaporizer helps in dealing with cases of allergies and common cold. They are a great relief for those who have a sinus problem.

 Bites, stings and burns- bee stings and bug bites are something that gives a lot of pain but if you apply lavender oil over the affected area then the pain will reduce in a matter of minutes.

 Joint pain- many people suffers from joint pain as an effect of old age. This can be avoided if you mix a few drops of lavender oil with jojoba oil.

Benefits of Having an Organic Diet

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

organic diet, diet control, nutritionThese days, people are becoming more and more health conscious. They are taking greater care of their bodies and trying to find new ways to maintain good health. The kind of diet we have basically decides our health. That’s why many people are opting for a healthy diet these days through organic food. Many people who suffer from chronic illness are actually told to eat organic foods by their nutritionists. Organic foods have many benefits which help in the overall healing and maintenance of physical and mental wellbeing.

Advantages of organic foods

i. Fresh fruits and vegetables have something very tasteful about them. The freshness and the juiciness can only be felt in such food items and not in fried and packaged foods.
ii. The processed organic foods have longer shelf life.
iii. Their nutritional content is higher so one can get more than one nutrient from one food item.
iv. They do not contain any residues from pesticides and insecticides.
v. Organic food for babies is 100% natural and is easy to make as well.
vi. No artificial chemicals, flavors or any sort of other ingredients are added.
vii. Genetically modified organic foods are scientifically enhanced for better nutrition.

Common organic foods for your daily diet

 Fresh fruits
 Freshly cut and cooked vegetables which have less amount of spices and flavors and oils
 Green leafy vegetables
 Fruit and vegetable juices
 Natural anti-oxidant food items
 Breads
 GMO vegetables

These are a few common organic foods. An organic diet can be beneficial to the body no matter how old you are. Taking these in your daily diet can help you stay in shape, help you heal from diseases faster and keep your skin, hair and nails in good condition.

What are the best heart healthy diets?

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

healthy heart diet, healthy diets, healthy diets for heartKeeping your heart healthy is one of our prime responsibilities after mid-age so that we can live a long and healthy life. In order to make sure that our heart is healthy, we need to exercise every day. Physical activity keeps the heart on its toes and ensures that it works the best. Apart from physical activity, we also need to follow a healthy heart diet. One must know what to eat and what not to in order to safeguard the health of the heart.

Here is a list of the things that one must include in one’s diet to ensure a healthy heart for longer:

  • Use vegetable oil for cooking, not more than 5 teaspoons daily. That means not more 750 ml of oil consumption in a month.
  • Eat loads of green vegetables.
  • Eat five portions of fruits every day. Each portion represents a cup of cut fruits.
  • Have proteins. Include all forms of pulses and seeds in your diet. They are excellent for your heart.
  • Have bread made out of whole wheat flour. Avoid white bread.
  • If you need to have rice, have it boiled instead of fried.
  • Fish, chicken and white of egg can be had provided you do not fry them.
  • If you have a fetish for milk then go for double toned or low fat milk, not more than one liter daily. Milk can also be consumed as curd or cottage cheese.
  • Not more than one or two pegs of alcohol a day if you have to drink!

What is Aromatherapy?

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

what is Aromatherapy, how to use Aromatherapy, organic health careAromatherapy is a word that we have heard a lot about. Aromatherapy refers to essential oils and extracts that are available from special plants and herbs. Aromatherapy actually implies the use of these pure extracts from plants and using them for the physical and psychological well being of people. Aromatherapy products have loads of hydrosols and carbon dioxide in them and can be useful if used safely and with practiced hands. There are around ninety different types of essential oils that are available for aromatherapy and other natural products like natural wax, herbs, sea salts, clays and mud are also included in this field at times.

Aromatherapy is the field of all things natural and therefore no artificial substances are tolerated. Essential oils should never be confused with fragrance oil which is totally artificial and their objective is to just smell good, they have no other value to give to its users. If you are an aromatherapy fan and love to use aromatherapy products then make sure of what you are buying from the market. Most products labeled, “made with essential oils” does not mean that it is an aromatherapy product. It only means that the product is artificial and has a tiny proportion of essential oils that allows them to make the claim.

Buy pure 100% aromatherapy products from trusted sources and see the benefits that it has on you. There are many though who cannot tolerate aromatherapy products as it brings about a burning sensation on the skin. Test your compatibility with aromatherapy products before you buy anything.