Advantages of baking soda for your teeth

baking soda for teeth, teeth careBaking soda has a lot of health benefits and one of the most beneficial properties of baking soda is the ability to get your skin whitened. They are called sodium bicarbonate. This substance could be found in mineral springs or it could be produced artificially as well.

The way baking sodas work:

They are slightly alkaline and they could be dissolved in water which enables them to penetrate the enamel of the tooth. It has an action that is slightly abrasive through which the free radicals are emitted at the time baking soda is mixed with water and scrapes off the brown or yellow stains of the teeth. The mixture breaks down the discoloration on interaction with the stain molecules for lightening and brightening up the teeth.

Other advantages of baking soda:

Plaque could be removed by baking soda which helps in preventing decay of tooth and freshening up the breath. They are very cheap and are great alternatives to the expensive commercial products that are available in the market for tooth whitening.

Brushing with baking soda:

Baking soda is also known for its properties which can help remove spots from skin. This same property is used to clean teeth. A beautiful smile is the key to self confidence and getting a good smile naturally is the best option you can choose. It is always a better option than using harmful chemicals and surgeries which might not even work for some people.

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