A healthier heart with garlic

heart care, health benefits for garlicHeart is the most important part of the human body. So you must take proper care of your heart because any harm caused to your heart can caused even pose threat to your life. So you should undergo regular medical check up to check if your heart is alright or not. You can do ECG or Eco Cardio Gram to ensure that your heart is perfectly alright. You can also do regular cardio exercises to keep your heart healthy and fit. However other than the medicines, a very common household garlic if used properly can also contribute a lot to a healthy heart.

Health points of garlic:

Allicin, the major compound present in garlic is responsible for its pungent smell and distinguished taste. This particular compound along with several others present in the garlic can prove to be very helpful for keeping healthy heart.

Garlic contains a very important chemical compound:

  • Hydrogen sulfide

Scientists have lately been looking in to the properties of hydrogen sulfide, a very important element present in the garlic. This hydrogen sulfide can cause the blood vessels to relax and also cause the blood to flow more swiftly and freely through the blood vessels. . thus your heart can stay healthy and completely fit.

  • Hydrogen sulfide can be obtained when garlic is crushed or cut.

However garlic when used for cooking, it loses all of its ability to produce hydrogen sulfide. So it advisable to eat garlic raw to get the hydrogen sulfide that can cause the blood to flow swiftly through the vessels into the heart keeping the heart healthy.


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