5 Food Items Which Are Good During Pregnancy

pregnancy, pregnancy foodsWhen you get the news that your wife is expecting the first responsibility that comes to your mind is to take care of the expecting mother. And the first responsibility is to give proper food to the mother. There are many foods that are considered health for an expecting mother. Following are some of the foods that are really good during pregnancy:

  • Avocado– this is one of the prime that the baby needs for its brain development. Many people think that it is not good for the mother but that is an absolute wrong concept. The healthy fats in avocado along with the numerous vitamins and fibers and minerals help in the baby’s proper brain development.
  • Herring– this is something that is ever pregnant woman should consume. The Omega 3 fatty acids in it are very helpful for the brain development of the fetus. Since this is a cold water fish there are hardly any pollutants that can cause harm to the pregnant woman.
  • Sweet potato– this vegetable is available in almost all seasons of the year and helps in controlling the blood sugar of the mother. Since it has a high percentage of Vitamin A it helps in the baby’s ear, heart and eye development.
  • Coconut oil– this is another food that is misguided by people. This is a great substitute for breast milk because it contains lauric acid. Because of its anti viral and anti bacterial properties this is one of the most important foods that the mother should consume.
  • Spinach– this food will give strength to the baby and it is also packed with potassium, iron, Vitamin C and Vitamin A. All these helpful for the baby’s proper development.

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