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Kill obesity, look slim and trim

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Kill obesityObesity and over weightiness put people at a high risk making them susceptible to other things as well. Reducing body fat is not only about being slim and trip and weak, but being fit and healthy and maintaining your weight at the same time. Most of us go on crash diets not realising the after effects or more often the ill effects of the same. Before taking a step to kill obesity there are a lot of things to consider one of the main ones being the cause of the obesity. There are a number of reasons why a person becomes obese- emotional reasons, genetics, physical inactiveness due to bed rest for some injury, environmental factors etc.

One of the easiest way and something which can be done every day and is totally calorie burning is showing a little bit of enthusiasm and excitement about things instead of being bored and staying that way would be one. Sleeping around makes you feel lazy and bored, instead try moving around the place, be interested in things, be active. Using the staircase instead of the elevator is one fast and easy way to burn some calories.

There are two hormones in our system- ghreline is the stimulator of appetite and leptine is the stimulator of appetite suppression. When our body is deprived of 8 hours of sleep every day, ghreline is released from our systems and leptine is not. This results in increasing our intake of food. Hence, regular and adequate sleep is a very important factor to reduce obesity.

Regular exercise is one thing you should never compromise with or replace with crash dieting. Obesity can be reduced without dieting but never without exercise. We see people go on diets n get slim for the time being but there comes a time when all that dieting goes in vain.