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How To Take Care Of An Alzheimer’s Patient

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Alzheimer’s PatientAlzheimer’s disease is a troubling disease that generally casts its shadow on any person who suffers from dementia. This disease is very common among the old aged people. Since it is an incurable disease, dealing with Alzheimer can turn out to be very challenging not only for the one who suffers from it but also for the family members. Caring for an Alzheimer’s patient is not an easy task and at times it can easily become overwhelming.

If you are taking care of an Alzheimer’s patient then it is very important that you keep certain essential things in mind. Firstly, prepare a daily schedule for the patient in relation to daily activities like waking up, bathing, dressing, mealtimes, bedtime etc. This will help your patient or loved one get adjusted to these things without any difficulty. Allow your patient to do things independently as much as possible. Never make him/her feel too dependant on you.

Incorporate easy-to-do exercises in the daily schedule prepared for the patient. Proper nutrition and diet should be provided to the Alzheimer’s patient so that he/she remains as healthy and fit as possible. Always try and be happy and cheerful when you are around an Alzheimer’s patient. Help your patient retain his/her individual dressing style so that his/her personal identity does not feel threatened.

Spend most of your time with the patient so that you can understand him/her better. In this way you will be able to deal with your patient effectively. Along with the patient’s health, you have to make sure that you are taking care of yourself as well. Provide ample of opportunities to your patient to socialize with the other people.
In order to ensure that your patient remains active you can plan unique and interesting activities for him/her. The Alzheimer’s patient should also receive proper medical care regularly.