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Top 5 Office Snacks Within 150 Calories

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Office Snacks, best snacks for workAre you worried that your office snacks are getting you those unwanted extra calories? If you are taking too much of junk during office breaks, you have the chances of putting weight faster but the good news is that there are some ideal snacks for office that are both tasty and are less in calorie as well. The article here jots down 5 office snacks within 150 calories.

  1. You can go for the SoyJoy Cranberry bars here. These little fruit bars bring alive the very sweet aura of cranberries with just 140 calories. Most importantly, these fiber rich bars contain great deal of antioxidants which is fantastic to prevent diseases.
  2. The second option is a mix of marshmallows with dark chocolate. You can take 20 little marshmallows with half bar of Special Dark Chocolate from Hershey’s which together constitute 139 calories only. Dark chocolate is always good to fight the ab flab.
  3. Then you can go for the Egg White & Cheese-Muffin Melt from Subway which comprises of around 150 calories. This delicious sandwich contains egg, the superfood with high choline that eventually assists in blocking unnecessary fat absorption in the body.
  4. Have one-third cup of 365 Cranberry & Nut Trail Mix that amount to 150 calories. This sumptuous mix is really good for health as it contains whole nuts like almonds and cashews rich is protein and magnesium respectively with cranberries rich in antioxidants.
  5. You can also try out Tall Café latte from Starbucks with  2 percent milk that contains not more than 150 calories


Comparison Between Raw And Cooked Vegetables

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

Raw And Cooked Vegetables, vegetablesThere is always a common confusion that which one is better for consumption- raw or cooked vegetables? Well, both raw and cooked vegetables come up with certain set of advantages and disadvantages and hence the post below presents a short comparative study between the two.

Destruction of nutrients

It’s to mention that raw veggies are rich in Vitamins A, E & C and B-complex. Calcium and potassium are two other nutrients found in the raw vegetables. These vitamins are essential for god vision, healthy skin, production RBC, disease prevention, iron absorption and many other health benefits. But when you take to cooking the vegetables, especially in higher temperatures, these tend to lose out on these essential nutrients.

Digestion issues

On the other hand, it’s good to take your vegetables cooked as uncooked raw options lead to indigestion problems. Cooked vegetables assure smooth digestion, if not cooked oil rich.

Fiber content

Many a times the fitness experts and nutritionists advice to take to raw vegetables since these are enriched in good fiber content, The fiber rich diets can reduce cholesterol levels & help in preventing constipation & cardiovascular diseases.

Calorie loss

If you want to lose your extra pounds fast, opt for the raw vegetables. Actually, the raw veggies comprise of high fiber & water content which make them good low-calorie options. Thus, these can aid lower down your daily calorie intake without compromising on the needed nutrients for the body. When the vegetables are cooked, a great lot of water gets evaporated making the cooked meals highly calorie dense.

Top 5 reasons to say NO to processed food

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

processed food disadvantages, processed food drawbackProcessed foods are undoubtedly very popular today given that these are handy to get and inexpensive as well. But do you know that as per many studies and researches, processed food can impose some really harmful effects on your health. The post below is a brief stating 5 major reasons on why to say NO to processed food stuffs.

High Sodium level

According to studies the processed food items contribute to 75% of sodium content in US diet. Yes sodium is useful to slow down the bacteria growth and camouflage the metallic feel of aluminum presence in canned food s and soft drinks but do you know that high sodium level can actually bring in severe health complications. It has been found that high sodium diet can result in elevated blood pressure level and cardiovascular complexities.

Abets obesity

Processed food items contain refined grain. It means that the processed food manufacturers remove out the exterior portion of the grain which contains the needed fatty acids & nutrients with the aim to prolong the shelf life of these foods. But it’s harmful in the sense that refined grains contribute to a great deal of empty calories that in turn abets obesity.

Low IQ

Surveys reveal that processed foods consumer by kids have lower level of IQ in comparison to those children who do not incline to processed foods much. Thus, as per the doctors kids below 3 years should be kept afar from the canned foods.

Increases bad cholesterol

Processed food comprises of trans fat that decreases good cholesterol and increases bad cholesterol in the body.

Changes original taste

Processed foods sometime can change the usual good taste of the original food.