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Tips on weekly dumbbell exercises

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

dumbbell exercises, daily exerciseFor body and muscle building dumbbell exercise is the answer. Dumbbell exercises are much better than the weight machines which you will find at the fitness centers. There are loads of reasons why dumbbells are so recommended. They are convenient not only to use but also to store. You can use them anywhere you wish to. They are also relatively inexpensive. However it is important that you learn how to use the dumbbells when you are doing weekly exercise to protect yourself from injuries and to get the maximum benefit. Some of the tips which need to be kept in mind are-

  • Do a body warming session before you go to lift the dumbbells. Warm the muscles by walking for five to ten minutes. Warm up should be followed by light stretching.
  • Get the correct form. Learn proper exercise before you go to lift the dumbbells. For different exercise there are different postures. The correct postures must be followed to avoid injury.
  • It is important that you start weight lifting with the light ones and then gradually the heavier ones. When you become more used to with the lighter dumbbells shift to lifting the heavier ones. Lifting all weights too soon is a common cause of injury.
  • It is important to stability the muscles in the abdomen and the lower back. These muscles need to be tight when you are lifting up weights. The tight muscle prevents injury and gives proper form to the exercise.
  • Always control your movement. While using momentum you may hurt yourself.

These tips provided will not only prevent you from accidents but also will give desired results.




How To Use Mouthwash Properly

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

how to use Mouthwash, healthBody deodorants and body sprays are important for refreshing yourself. Likewise you have to take care of your oral dental health. Mouthwash plays an important role in taking care of the teeth. The mouthwash is as important as a toothbrush and paste for your dental health. Use mouthwash twice in a day – in the morning as well as in the evening after your food. It plays an important role in the fight against the tooth decay or cavity formation.

Nowadays you can find lots of branded mouthwash with lots of flavors. Choose a mouthwash with a favorite flavor you like, so that, you will not forget or hesitate to do it regularly. Fluoride based mouthwash is helpful for the teeth to stay stronger. So its advised to choose the mouthwash which contains fluoride.

If you are having smoking habit, then choose a mouthwash which is especially prescribed for smokers.

Sugar free mouthwash is also available. It’s a better option for your teeth. So choose it by checking the label closely.

Points to note while using a mouthwash:

  • First clean and wash the teeth by tooth brushing and flossing.
  • Pour 20ml of mouthwash liquid into your mouth and rinse or gargle it all over the mouth for 30 seconds.
  • Then spit it out and do not rinse your mouth with water.
  • Do not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes after the mouthwash.
  • Mouthwash contains alcohol, so it is not prescribed for pregnant women.
  • Also keep it away from the children below 6 years.

From this article, you would have come to know about the importance of mouthwash.

How To Reduce Physical Stress While At The Office

Monday, January 28th, 2013

How to reduce office stressDay by day, the world is becoming a more work oriented place. A person’s worth is decided on the job he holds, the amount of money he brings home. In this highly competitive world, getting stressed out in order to achieve your targets can make you a victim of physical stress. Here are a few ways in which you can reduce it while at office:

  • Manage your time and organize what you have to do. A well-maintained and well-organized work schedule can help reduce your work load and make sure that you get your work done in time.
  • Calm down: staying calm is extremely important when facing work load or a tough boss. Stay calm and breathe deeply. This will help you lower the excitement in your body and also provide your body with the extra amount of oxygen required.
  • Take a break and move about: even if it is for five minutes, get up from your seat and take a walk. If possible go outside. If you are feeling lethargic then climbing up and down two flights of stairs will bring your limbs back to life and refresh your mind as well.
  • Learn to say No. if there is something that you can’t do, or finish in a particular period of time then say so. Do not set or accept unrealistic goals and break your back over it.
  • Learn to ask for help. If you are trouble with your project, need some tips or advice from your college or boss? Then muster the courage to ask for it.

How Make Up Helps To Blend Your Nose Bridge

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

nose bridge, makeup ideasFor blending your nose bridge you would need the following materials:

  1. Contour Cream
  2. Highlighter
  3. Angled Brush
  4. Fluffy Blending Sponge
  • Start with applying foundation over your nose; this will hold the make-up for a long time.
  • With the help of angled brush draw light lines using the contour powder around each side of your nose; this is how you want your nose to look in the end.
  • Apply or draw a thin strip/line of highlighter on the centre of your nose (the lighter shade) carefully. Remember it should be light.
  • Then apply the darker shade of the highlighter on both sides of the light highlighter. Remember that this is a darker shade so apply carefully.
  • Blend the lines carefully and slowly, stroke by stroke. Don’t mix the lighter and darker shade in a hurry. Blend the lines until you see any of them.
  • You may use a darker and lighter shade of foundation. The lighter is to highlight and the darker shade will be for shading the nose area into the colour which would match the skin.

Always remember that you must draw only light lines around your nose for it’s much easier to add layer by layer than to tone a darker shade down. Again people have different kinds of noses and the shape and size varies from one lady to another thus this is just a basic guideline. Do your research or take help of your girlfriend before attempting to do anything with your nose.

Simple tips to remove dandruff from your hair

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

remove dandruff, hair careDandruff is a persistent problem among many. There are many who have been deprived of healthy and shiny looking hair because the dandruff just refuses to leave their scalp. Dandruff can be caused due to oily or dry scalp. In either of the cases, dandruff can be pretty consistent and even lead to hair fall in some cases. Taking care of your dandruff problems needs constant attention and patience. Here are a few tips on how you can remove dandruff from your hair:

• The first and the most obvious option are to try out the best anti-dandruff shampoo in the market. Follow the instructions of usage carefully and use it for the time period specified. This may lead to considerable reduction in your dandruff.

• It is always a good idea to rub slices of lemon in your scalp before you shampoo your hair. Lemon juice is known for its dandruff reduction properties though you may have to use it every time you shampoo, for a prolonged period to see the effects.

• If you are suffering from an extremely dry scalp, then massage your scalp with good quality hot hair oil. This may give your scalp the necessary moisture it requires and tackle the dandruff problem.

• If your dandruff problem persists even after your cosmetic and natural cures then it is best to visit a dermatologist. Your doctor may be able to find out the root cause of your dandruff and help you get rid of it with the help of a proper diet, medicated shampoo and medicines as well.

Dealing with receding hairline

Friday, January 25th, 2013

solution to hairfall, hair careWith age and with constant exposure to the pollution in the atmosphere, the amount of hair on our head keeps decreasing over time. For those who are quite young, a receding hairline can not only be a matter of worry, but also shame and embarrassment. A receding hairline or emerging baldness can bring a huge setback in your confidence and make you suffer from low self esteem. Here are a few tips that can help you deal with your receding hairline:

  • Don’t wait till all your hair disappears and you go totally bald. Visit a doctor or a dermatologist and speak about what can be done to either regain your hair or keep the remaining ones from falling.
  • Stay away from combs and shampoos. Overuse of hair products and constant combing of your hair and lead to increase hair fall and thereby worse your condition. Hair styling gels, colors and hot irons are a strict no.
  • In order to stimulate your hair growth use hair oil products that are rich in minoxidil. There are many oil brands or hair massage products rich in minoxidil. However there are certain side-effects of these hair generation products. In case of any allergy or itching, discontinue use.
  • There are many who suffer from a receding hairline due to no possible reason. Some may have it in their genetics and it can run in the family as well. In such cases, embrace the new look and be open about it.
  • Shave off your hair. A shiny, bald head is sometimes better then a head having countable number of hairs! Jazz up your bald look by opting for fashionable hats and head gear!

What are the symptoms of gout?

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

symptoms of gout, what is goutWhat is Gout? It is a type of arthritis caused by higher levels of uric acid in blood. It is more prevalent in men than in women. Women after the menopause stage are prone to this disorder. This affects the joints and that too one joint at one point of time. The diet plays the biggest part in this disorder.

Gout is caused by accumulation of uric acid crystals in the bone joints and thereby inflammation. The uric acid is found dissolved in the bloodstream, when it increases above the permitted level, the uric acid crystals get deposited in the joints. High uric acid levels in blood are termed as hyperuricemia. Remember not all patients with hyperuricemia will have gout attacks.

This article focuses on the various symptoms of a gout attack…

  • Gout attack symptoms are clear and easy to find. If you have intense joint pain in any one of the big toe then it’s the first sign of it. The pain will be agonizing and with tearing sensation.
  • The affected area will be very sensitive to touch.
  • There will be swelling around that joint, and it may spread to entire leg as well.
  • Initially the gout attacks will last for more than 3 days and if not controlled or treated it will spread to other joints as well.
  • The affected area may become red or purple in color.
  • Some patients may have high fever along with the pain.
  • Most importantly the joint will become stiff and harder to use.


Skin care for a new born

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

skin care tips, Skin care for new bornThe newborn baby was in their mother’s womb for the period of nine months in amniotic acid. Their skin is more sensitive, when they come out to the world in the different environmental temperature. Their sweat glands are not active fully. So it takes time to adapt to the outer environmental temperature. Their skin is soft and tender. Touching them is a pleasurable moment in life. Their skin will easily get irritated, it results in rashes and allergies. Due to the inactive sweat glands, their skin is dry. Take care of their skin is more important. Here are some ways to take of the newborn’s skin.

  • Cover them properly, because the outer temperature is new to them. In winter, cover the feet and hands with glove to protect them. In summer, you can use a humidifier to retain the temperature in the room. This may protect the baby from sunburns.
  • Newborns no need of bathing regularly. Bath them twice or thrice in a week. The water should be warm and not hot. Use moisturizer baby soap. Do not use adult soap, which contain chemicals. Some wiper may make the rashes on the baby’s skin. So watch them carefully for rashes. If it occurs please do not use the unnamed wipers.
  • Do not use baby powders after bathing. It will close the pores of the baby’s skin. This will cause rashes on their skin.
  • Use moisturizer cream after bathing. This will retain the moisture on the baby’s skin.
  • Breastfeed them regularly to keep them hydrated.

Dealing With Signs Of Pregnancy

Monday, January 21st, 2013

Signs Of Pregnancy, deal with pregnancyPregnancy makes the women to attain the fullness. Every woman must experience the feelings of pregnancy. Pregnancy is the greatest feeling to every woman. Really it happens by the grace of God. Trust him and be peace. Stress may affect the pregnancy. So be patient and stay in peace. Here are some signs of pregnancy.

  • Absence of menstrual period is the good sign of pregnancy. Anyhow it is not a positive proof. Better test with a pregnancy test kit to make sure of your pregnancy.
  • Dry vaginal is one of the symptoms of pregnancy
  • Morning sickness is also the sign of pregnancy.
  • Feeling nauseous, this will not happen for every pregnant woman. For the first five months, they may vomit whatever they had. Some smells may cause them to vomit. Drink plenty of water to get rid off from dehydration.
  • Some may be too choosy and picky eater during pregnancy.
  • Frequent urination, about six weeks. Try to notice the urination frequency.
  • Feeling cramped in the abdomen and legs. This is due to insufficient nutrients and salt in your body.
  • Feeling tired. But it is not a sure symptom of pregnancy. During the first and third trimester you may feel tired.
  • Swollen breast – Many of their breasts will be larger and swollen during pregnancy. It is very tender to touch.

The above are some of the symptoms of pregnancy. These symptoms will not be felt by every woman. Doing a pregnancy test after 5 weeks, will give a better result.

Is Weight Lifting Safe For Women?

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

weight lifting women, women healthWomen need to take a different weight lifting routine than men, because women have less testosterone than men. And due to other hormonal presence women cannot acquire more muscle mass than men. A good weight lifting routine for women will improve the muscle strength and maintain good bone health. For any women, having a good balanced routine of aerobic and weight lifting exercises is good.

Yes, weight lifting is safe for women of all ages; it is proven by many researchers around the world. Here are some benefits of weight lifting for women…

  • Regular weight lifting will improve the overall physical strength. This will enhance your daily work. A moderate weight training will increase the muscle strength by 30 percent.
  • A well known fact, regular weight training will improve the bone mass and strength. Bones will get stronger and can be maintained by a regular routine. Remember muscle mass will be very low as compared to men due to female hormones.
  • Osteoporosis can be avoided if you have a good balanced aerobic and weight training routine.
  • Heart diseases can be avoided, a good routine will reduce the LDL and increase the HDL cholesterol content in the blood.
  • Blood pressure in the blood vessels can be maintained and reduces the risk of high pressure.
  • Good weight training significantly reduces the risk of early diabetes in women.
  • A good strong physique will improve your self esteem and improve your attitude.

It’s never too late for strength training for women, start now.

Cons of walking in high heels

Saturday, January 19th, 2013

high heels, disadvantages of high heelsWearing high heels is an age old fashion and it’s still famous among modern women. Nowadays more women are wearing high heel shoes. High heel shoes will improve your body posture, pose a modern look, shaped legs and will give a tall look. Apart from these good things there are lots of disadvantages as well. Most of the cons are related to body and health.

Some of the cons of wearing high heels are listed below…

  • Heels and pain are the basic aspect of wearing heels for women. Foot bears the entire body weight. It should have a balance while walking otherwise it’ll lead to foot and leg strain. It can lead to injury.
  • If the balance is not met while walking, this is can lead to hip strain.
  • Leg sprains can be caused by walking in high heels. Some of the sprains are not easy to cure. A long rest will be advised for these kind of sprains.
  • Weight concentration on the foot can turn them yellow.
  • The major cause of back pain among women are caused by the prolonged usage of high heeled shoes.
  • If the body balance is not correct, you will experience difficulty in walking or even standing.
  • Foot calluses will form over thumb bone. These are tough to avoid.
  • Prolonged usage of heels during a day will cause less blood circulation to the foot.

Heels usage may cause edema in legs, varicosity in shin and knee damage.

How saying goodbye to abdomen fat

Friday, January 18th, 2013

abdomen fatEveryone wants to be slim and good looking. Tummy fat will spoil your body shape. Due to abdomen fat, your pants may not fit you properly. This causes irritation and it will spoil your mood. Doing regular exercise and nutritional diets will help you to get rid of abdomen fat.

• Controlled calories intake and exercise will help to burn the belly fat. Without exercise, it will slow down the metabolism.
• Do not eat heavy before going to bed.
• Do not eat excess foods
• Cycling, walking, swimming or running thrice in a week will increase the metabolic rate as well as your heart rate. This helps to burn the excess calories
• Cardio exercise boosts the blood flow and it helps to release the extra calories.
• Weight bearing exercise helps to tone the strength of your leg. It helps to burn your belly fat and also helps to maintain the bones healthy.
• Without exercise you can gain 12% belly fat in 8 months. Exercise will prevent from gaining the belly fat.

Above are some tips to reduce the belly fat. Those who wants to say goodbye to abdomen fat will first set their priorities. Make a plan and try to stop eating unwanted junk foods. Start your exercise pattern for a minimal hour initially. Gradually increase the routine. Dieting and exercise are the combination to flatten the belly. Dieting alone will not give a good result. Do not lose hope, really you will win your body shape again.

Dealing With Diabetes At An Early Age

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Diabetes, dealing with diabetesDiabetes at an early age is the most searchable items through the internet.  Excess fat due to junk food is one of the factors in early diabetes. Awareness of symptom of diabetes, will help you to control the disease and it helps to prevent from organ damages.

Signs of diabetes

  • Frequent urination
  • Hunger
  • Feeling tired
  • Sudden weight loss

Frequent urination: Excess sugar in the bloodstream will make the kidney to filter out. The body will try to remove the excess sugar through urine. This causes dehydration and thirst.

Hunger: if you feel hungry a lot, without more exercise and less eating, then it could be a symptom of diabetes.

Feeling Tired: The cells in your body need glucose. Due to frequent urination, the cells cannot retrieve enough glucose. This causes fatigue.

Sudden weight loss:  Due to the absence of enough glucose retrieved by the body cells, it breaks down the fat for energy, resulting in weight loss.

After diagnosis of early stage diabetes, you should practice the following.

  • Eat low carbohydrate food
  • Drink plenty of water to retain hydration
  • Regular exercise is good for diabetes
  • Avoid direct sugar intake
  • Eat balance diet with fruits and vegetables
  • Keep monitoring your weight
  • Regular recheck your blood sugar level
  • Do not take more than 1500 calories per day
  • Quit smoking and reduce your alcohol intake

Try to practice all the above steps and accept the new healthy way of living.

5 Health Resolutions To Take This New Year

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

healthy lifestyle, health resolutionEveryone wish to take New Year resolutions, but unluckily they will not work out to achieve their goals. Each one should be health conscious, so that you can live healthily. Initially all of them will be very much excited in making New Year resolutions and also soon they lose the hope to attain it. The time taken to make resolution will be lesser than the time taken to lose. So try to stick to your resolution to stay healthy.

  • Quit smoking and intake alcohol – Everyone knows “smoking is injurious to health”. In every packet this saying is present. Even after reading that people are smoking. Excessive intake of alcohol will spoil your health. Do not get addicted to these. Try to quit smoking and excessive intake of alcohol. So this is the time to take a resolution and try following it.
  • Nowadays, machines are raising up to make you lazy and slave. So do regular exercise to make you fit and healthy. For burning excess calories exercise is a must. It keeps you to be active.
  • Try to lead a stress free life. Sleep well to improve your health. Less sleeping will affect your metabolism and it will lead to depression. High stress will affect the reproductive system for both men and women.
  • Those who want to lose to weight will try to avoid junk foods. Make a resolution for dieting and regular exercise.
  • Add whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables in your food. Avoid snacks which are oily and try to avoid eating at an irregular time.

Nutrition Tip: Pros Of Having Organic Meat

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

benefits of organic meats, organic meatsWhat is organic meat? Meat comes from animals that are fed any growth hormones, antibiotics and any other non-organic food. There’s an ongoing debate over which is good food, organic or inorganic food? There are regulatory bodies that will check the slaughter house for organic meat and certify them. As usual the organic meat will cost more, but there are good health benefits from them.

The following are the pros of having organic meat…

  • Inorganic meat may cause you reproductive problems, cancer, gastrointestinal problems, hormone problem and even immune deficiency.
  • Importantly, since the animal will be fed with organic food, this reduces the health risk.
  • People are happy about the fact that the animals are not confined to a miserable life.
  • The higher level of anti-oxidants are seen in organic meat and in other organic foods. Antioxidants are good for health.
  • No usage of pesticides helps protect the environment.
  • Since no pesticide or fungicide is used. This reduces the risk of cancer. Usually the high risk chemicals found in pesticides move up the food chain, from food to animals and then to the humans who consume the meat.
  • Organic meat reduces the risk of acquiring animal diseases through the meat you consume.
  • Meat taken from the best organic animal will taste good. This is a known fact among well known chefs around the world.
  • Organic grass fed to beefs will improve the vitamin E, Omega 3 fatty acids and have higher conjugated linoleic acid.