Benefits of Daily Meditation

December 15th, 2016 by Riney

Meditation image

There are so many benefits of daily meditation. Meditation is as powerful as it was thought could be. Benefits of daily mediation defiantly count. If it was worthless then why millions of people would follow or waste there plenty of time on performing mediation? As the counting goes, here is a list of benefits of daily meditation that is helpful for not only your body but for achieving a mental stated of peace.



Daily meditation benefits:

  • Meditation helps in decreasing the rate of respiratory.
  • It helps in lowering the consumption of oxygen.
  • It slows the heart rates and increases the blood flow.
  • Daily meditation is good for people suffering from high blood pressure.
  • It helps in rejuvenating a deeper sense of physical relaxation.
  • Daily meditation helps in reducing the anxiety attacks by lowering the level of blood pressure.
  • It helps in weight loss of the people.
  • Helps in increasing higher skin resistance.
  • Daily meditation benefits in increasing vigor, strength and energy.
  • It offers in lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease, and helps in reducing the level of cholesterol.
  • It helps in increasing the level of breathing and improves the flow of air to the lungs.
  • Meditating daily helps in decreasing the process of aging.
  • It helps in enhancing the immune system.
  • It helps in making you sweat less.
  • The issues of headache and migraines are solved by performing meditation daily.
  • It improves greater orderliness of brain functioning.
  • It helps in decreasing the need of medical care.
  • It increases the resistant power of the body and less energy is wasted.
  • More inclined to different activities and sports.
  • Helps in significant relief suffering from asthma.
  • Daily meditation helps in improving the performance level in athletic events.
  • Mediation offer better stability in changing hormones.
  • It helps in relaxing our nervous system.
  • Mediation helps in building self confidence in people.
  • Performing meditation offers a balance of influenced behaviors and mood.
  • Meditation offers the person is fighting against their fears and phobias.
  • Helps in controlling your own thoughts.
  • Doing meditation daily helps in increasing the concentration powers and focus too.
  • It helps in improving the ability of learning, better memorization and increase the path towards creativity.
  • Mediation is beneficial in increasing the feeling of rejuvenating and vitality.
  • It is helpful in increasing the emotional power of our body.
  • It helps in improving the ability of relationships.
  • Mind ages at slower rate.
  • It helps in making and improving good habits.
  • Helps in increasing the productivity.
  • Mediation helps in improving your will power.
  • It helps in improving a greater way for communication between two people.
  • Mediation helps in increasing the level of job satisfaction.
  • It helps in increasing higher intelligence growth rate of the person.
  • Makes the mind work harder by increasing its working capacity and stability.
  • Helps in reducing the level of aggressiveness.
  • Help in reducing the rate of restless thinking.
  • It helps in improving the greater tolerance level of your mind.
  • Mediation helps in improving greater emotional maturity of a person.
  • It helps in providing peace of mind and happiness.

Tips to get Rid of White Spots from Skin

November 9th, 2016 by Riney
White Spots on hands

White Spots reducing tips

When the cells present in our body produces melanin, it stops functioning or gets die. this is one of the reason of getting white spots on the skin. Trust me; it is really tough to get rid of these white spots from the skin. Basically, the normal skin tone gets disappeared in blotches and it can affect any part of your body. White spots are also known by vitilgo. White spots on the skin might also occur sue to some chemical reaction in your body. It might also occur due to genetic reasons, viral or neural cause, or oxidation cause. Well, don’t lose your heart because white spots can easily be treated, if diagnosed at an early stage. But for first, it is important to analyse the cause of white spots and common symptoms showing its effects.



White spots reducing tips:

Here is some home or natural remedies that offer and works as a treatment for getting rid of white spots from the skin. Following these stated tips religiously helps you in getting back your flawless skin as the time passes.

Use ginger:

Ginger juice is one of the best option to opt while facing the disease of white spots on your skin. Ginger is useful for increasing the blood circulation in your body. There are many ways of using ginger for reducing white spots are:

Mix lemon juice and water and ginger should be mixed well with it. Consuming it twice a day helps in making an attempt for reducing the white spots. Prepare a ginger paste or rub a small piece of ginger on the white spots observed on your body. Mix red clay in ginger paste or juice, and apply it directly on the white spots. Leave it for 20 to 25 minutes and rinse it off with Luke warm water.

Use honey:

Honey is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial component that is beneficial in killing the fungus and bacteria and offers a healthy skin. There are many ways that helps in getting rid of white spots like:

First of all wash your skin with Luke warm water and pat it until it is dry. Apply raw honey on the white spots and let it rest so that it can easily get absorbed into your skin. Another way to apply honey is by adding two tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of powders namely, rice, sandalwood and turmeric. Apply the paste on the sections of your body with white spots. Rinse it properly after applying it for more than 10 minutes.

Use Neem:

Neem is considered to be a good natural remedy used for getting rid of white spots. Take a teaspoon of dried neem leaves powder and add a little amount of water for making a paste consistency. Apply the paste on white spots directly and leave it for some time. Rinse it properly and repeat the process again for enjoying the best results. Neem is helpful in treating all kinds of skin problems.

Things to Consider before Bleaching your Hairs

October 20th, 2016 by Riney
Women having Bleached hairs

Gray shade Bleaching hairs

Hairs give a personality touch to your face. You style your hairs according to your outfit, then why not to think for important things before bleaching your hairs.  Bleach comes in the form of chemical which needs expert treatment for applying in your hairs. It is supposed to be applied with great care because if applied wrongly can cause more damaging effects to your hairs. Bleaching your hairs leads in transforming your look as well as your personality. So many things to care about but before bleaching your hairs it is important to take the following point into account.

Bleaching your hairs

  • Knowing your hair type is very important. Ask yourself; is bleach suitable to your hair type? There are many flaws that should be kept in mind while bleaching your hairs. It dries the hairs and cause more damaging effects.
  • If you have dry type of hairs, it is important to nourish your hairs before bleaching your hairs. Nourishing will increase good health of your hairs.
  • Different shades of colors are available in bleach. Apply bleach that is suitable to your skin tone. Confused about which tone to select? Try up a computer test for knowing that it is suitable to you or not.
  • Seeing yourself in different shades will help you in taking the decision. Different colored wigs are available, you can try them out for figuring your look. Researching about the color is important to note before bleaching your hairs.
  • Which color is suitable to your skin in application and appearance? Research it well before bleaching your hairs. Decide whether you want to go for natural bleaching ingredients or store brought bleaching agents for bleaching your hairs.
  • Be ready for offering extra care to your hairs. Normal hairs need less attention because they are untouched and healthy. No chemicals are applied for changing the look. For bleaching your hairs, it is important to protect the strands.
  • Keep an eye on the changing color as the time passes while washing your bleached hairs. Use dry shampoo for washing the bleached hairs. Keeping your hair tangle free will in maintaining your hairs. Only use the hair care products suitable to your type of bleach applied.
  • Remember, using bleach will make your hairs dry. It is known and acknowledged that bleaching the hairs causes damaging effects to the strands and it goes dry eventually. Think twice that are you ready to let your hairs go damage? Consulting an expert will lead you in offering steps to reduce the chances of hairs to be damaged.
  • Before bleaching your hairs, it is important to check the health of your scalp. The scalp is needed to be in a good condition before you start bleaching. If you have a scratchy scalp or kind of infection in your scalp, it is not advisable for bleaching your hairs.
  • Bleaching your hairs in such a condition can even worsen your scape and can damage it more. Testing is important before taking your decision. Whatever is your decision regarding bleaching your hairs, keep one thing in mind, once you bleach your hairs there is no going back.

Powerful Foods to Boost your Immunity

August 10th, 2016 by Riney

Keep one thing in mind that your body will only be stable and having enough of energy if your immunity system is working in the best condition. There are many ways which can help you in going for boosting your immunity system in your body. Just think of one thing that even after washing your hands properly, maintaining equally and well cleanliness in your home and your surroundings, still you get ill? It’s just because you are suffering or having weak immunity system which you need to go for focusing on for. There are many powerful foods to boost your immunity system which you can go for. These foods will help you in growing your immunity power and your resistance towards facing any of the illness which are being attracted towards your body.

This article will help you in knowing about the most powerful foods to boost your immunity which can help you in increasing the power of your immunity system which is present in your body. Adding up such powerful foods to boost your immunity in your diet plan can help you in getting all sorts of nutrients and the exact amount of proteins which you are in need of. There are many different foods to boost your immunity which you can go for while getting and increasing your immunity system like yogurt, garlic, tea, sweet potatoes, etc. and much more of the options which you can definitely go for trying up while getting the knowledge of the powerful foods to boost your immunity.

Powerful foods to boost your immunity

  • Tea

TeaIf I am not wrong than, we all have some of the affection and connection towards tea right? We all like to have tea early in the morning or whenever it is being served to us. It is up on you that which type of tea you want to go for but according to the studies and the research it is being proved that black tea is considered to be one of the most effective type of tea which you can go for considering it in the list of foods to boost your immunity. It provides you with 5 times more of the power to immunity to fight against the germs which are being prevailing in your body.

  • Yogurt

YogurtOne of the most common types of the foods to boost your immunity system is yogurt which you can ask for anyone out there. We all know that yogurt consists of such of the probiotic bacteria’s in it which goes up in our body and helps us in fighting up with hose of the harmful germs which are being present in our body. Having every day yogurt will help you in not only increasing and boosting your immunity but will also help you in fighting from such of the harmful bacteria which can make you to ill which is not considered to be a good thing for your body. Not only are these but there many other options which you can go for counting on in the list of the powerful foods to boost your immunity.

Food to Avoid During Pregnancy

July 19th, 2016 by Riney

foods to avoid during pregnancyWe all know that pregnancy is considered to be one of the most beautiful phases which you must love right? Your total perception gets change, your feeling, your likes and dislikes, you way of living, etc. changes and this is just because of the new baby which you are going to give birth. But there are many things which you need to take care of while having your pregnancy like the food. It is considered to be important to look for the food to avoid during pregnancy. You will be needed to keep a control on your craving because each and every food which you want to have it must not be correct for you and your baby right? Not only that but it is considered to be in contact with your doctor because he will help you in the matters of making you known about the food to avoid during pregnancy.

Well, there are many foods to avoid during pregnancy which you need to comply with while going from this situation. For instance let me you in getting known to the food to avoid during pregnancy like avoiding uncooked or raw egg, dairy products which are unpasteurised, not in taking unwashed vegetables or fruits, etc. and many more of such restricted food to avoid during pregnancy which you must go for avoiding which is considered to be beneficial to you. The further discussion will help you in getting better knowledge of the food to avoid during pregnancy which is considered to be you thing to look out.

Food to avoid during pregnancy

  • You must keep certain things in to account which can help you in going for one of the best things which is considered to be beneficial for would be mother and for her baby too. It is considered to be advisable for you to go for knowing up and checking for the updated from your doctor because they have better knowledge of what food is considered to be good for your health and which you must go for avoiding.
  • You must avoid the unwashed fruits and vegetables because it contains many time of chemicals which are being used for the matters of making and growing. So it is advisable to not to take if the fruits are not being washed properly. There are harmful pesticides which are present and it you in take it than it will affects the health and can also be considered to be harmful fort your child. For using it wisely, you should first wash it and then peel its skin and have the intake of it.
  • Avoid the food of uncooked or raw eggs which are considered to be harmful for your child. I know eggs are considered to be one of the yummy foods to have but there are certain other ways which can help you in having its intake which you can have it properly. The only way which you can have egg is cooking it properly until the yolk gets firm enough. This will help you in not letting any of factors directly impact your baby.

3 Tips of Maintaining Good Eye Health

June 20th, 2016 by Riney

Tips of maintaining good eye healthDon’t take your eyes so lightly, not only your body but one of the most important parts of your body without which you cannot even survive is the eyes. Yes, eyes are considered to be everything for us. With the help of the eyes we are able to get the vision. You can get the difference between colors and many more things. So it is considered to be our way more duty to go for maintaining good eye health which can help you in many matters of dealing with it in a better manner. Well, there are many tips of maintaining good eye health which you can go for. There are many things which you need to take in to account at the time of going for maintaining good eye health.

The further discussion will help you in getting all the knowledge regarding tips of maintaining good eye health which you can go for easily. Well, there are many facts which you need to take in to account at the time of going for maintaining good eye health like not taking much of stress, using good and certified contacts for your eyes, eating good food for your vision, etc. and many more of the tips which can help you in the matters of maintaining good eye health for you.

Tips of maintaining good eye health

  1. Eating good food

Well, it is considered to be one of the most important things which the individual must go for at the time of maintaining good eye health is eating for good vision. It is not considered good that you are eating junk food every time and then expect that your eyes will be healthy, but let me tell you that you are wrong it is considered to be good. You need to go for such healthy food which is good for your vision and which can help you in maintaining good eye health care which you need fir your eyes. You can go for eating green leafy vegetables, egg, nuts, citrus fruits or its juices which can help you in the matters of your eyes to be perfect.

  1. Wearing sunglasses

Another important tip which can help you in the matters of maintaining good eye health is the consideration and wearing of sunglasses which can be considered to be in your benefits. Well, the right type of sunglasses will help you in protecting your eyes in a better manner. More excessive UV exposure may damage up or affect your eyes, and to get over come of it you must go for UV protection sunglasses which will help you in not only protecting your eyes but will also help you in saving up and maintaining your vision in a better manner.

  1. Make less use of computer screen

Yes, another important thing which the individual must take in to account is to make them get away from the computer screen. Staring at the computer screen for a longer period of time may cause blurry vision, eyestrains, dry eyes, head ache, etc. and many more of the things which is not considered to be good for your eyes.

Benefits Of Losing Weight

June 1st, 2016 by Tobbler

Weight loss benefitsLosing weight is just about doing the size by one or two to fit in some dress. Losing weight is all about improving your life in many significant ways. If you can invest just few of your seconds for reading this article, you will be already on your way of improving your health. By knowing the benefits of losing weight, you will yourself start a healthy diet and maintain for the rest of your life. Here are some of the benefits you can avail by losing weight.

  • Move it

Many of the scientists have found out that the type of exercise you do is of no use unless and until you are moving. Set aside period of three to four hours in three to four days and you will be already joining the team of successful people being able to lose weight in a noticeable manner.

  • Get noticed at work

When you are eating out with your co-workers, don’t follow those crowds who are all into over eating. If you are eating healthfully, you will get noticed by your boss and your colleagues and it will leave a good impression of yours just like an outcome driven leader. It can be just like a message which conveys that you want to be successful no matter what it takes for you to do it. Thus losing weight and taking care of your diet will leave your image like you will take care of your business just like you take care of your own which is effectively.

  • Cushion your wallet

Eating up more in a day will also cost you more, whereas controlling your diet for the purpose of losing weight will not only help you to stay healthy but also help you to stay wealthy by saving some of your bucks which you use to spend on food which you don’t need to eat.

  • Have more friends

Every one like to be around fit people as they are more active and fun loving. Thus losing weight and staying healthy can also help you have more friends. According to one of the study, those kids who use to go outside more to play are more popular and friendly with other kids as compared to those kids who like to spend their time indoors. An odd fact is that parents of those kids are also more popular whose kids are more healthy and active. Thus lose weight to make more friends and get popular.

  • Pair up for better results

If your partner is a healthy eater then it is proved by a result that, he or she will also influence the other partner to do so. Thus if your partner is on the agenda to lose weight, they will also encourage you to lose weight and stay healthy. Both can lose weight together by eating healthy diet together and also by exercising together. Such couples support each other, encourage each other and also motivate each other and be successful in losing weight.

Stop hair loss 7 days a week with these 7 tips

December 23rd, 2014 by Amit Sen

prevent hair lossThere can be many causes for hair fall. The food you eat can potentially cause hair fall. Certain medicines also cause hair fall. Your hair fall problem might also be genetic. If you’re under a lot of stress then that might also cause hair fall. You should also know that wearing helmet on a regular basis also causes hair fall. A huge number of people suffer from hair loss. If you’re having this problem then it is very important for you to understand the causes of hair fall and what actually causes air growth. There are quite a few things you can do to stop hair fall before it becomes a problem for you.

• To prevent your hair from falling, the most important thing which you have to do to is make sure that your hair receives proper care. If your hair loss problem is genetic then it is unlikely that taking good care of your hair will effectively prevent hair loss, but its best that you take good care of your hair nevertheless. At best it can lessen the rate of hair loss if your hair fall problem is genetic.

• You should avoid applying heat or drying your hair frequently. The less you use hair dryers and other tools that apply heat to your hair, the more chances of your hair staying in good condition for a long time. You should keep in mind that drying your hair without using any kind of hair dryer is best for your hair. You should also make it a point that you don’t colour your hair frequently.
• You should avoid styling your hair on a daily basis in such a way that it puts a lot of strain on your hair, there are quite a few hair styles that require pulling your hair tightly and if you apply those styles to your hair daily then it can cause hair fall. If you stop applying those styles to your hair then the problem will cease to exist automatically.

• You should apply shampoo to your air on a regular basis. This is also a very important for preventing hair fall. But you should keep in mind that if you comb your hair while it is wet then it will cause hair loss. After you’ve washed your hair, you should gently dab your wet hair for drying it.

• If stress is the reason behind your hair fall then by managing stress you’ll be able to stop hair loss. Stress harms your whole body and even your hair. So to lessen your stress level you should take proper amount of rest daily and you should also consider exercising on a regular basis. By doing these you’ll be able to ensure that your hair stays in good condition for a long time.

• You should also keep in mind that the food you eat can cause hair fall. Your body should receive adequate nutrition.

• You should avoid eating such foods that cause hair loss. You should make sure that the calorie demand of your body is met, if you are on a very low calorie diet then it may cause hair fall. You should avoid eating raw egg whites completely. It is sure to cause hair loss.

If you follow the guidelines mentioned above then you’ll be able to prevent hair fall or lessen it

Five Fruits To Eat To Lose Weight

November 6th, 2014 by Amit Sen

fruits to lose weightYou might not find it very good but it is true that to reach your ideal weight you should eat as much fruit as possible in a day. Fruits have a lot of nutrients that are very beneficial for your health. It is essential that you try and follow a diet that is balanced and is proper for you. You also need to be very careful when you are looking forward to become leaner and to achieve your goal of losing weight. Here are a list of some fruits that will be helpful in the same and provide you with the healthiest diet possible so that you reach your goal.

• Strawberry: fruits also contain certain sugar levels that might make it sound like a no for a diet. But eating them in moderation is the key. This ensures that you calorie intake stays in control and as well as your body gets the necessary minerals and vitamins. A cup of strawberries has 50 calories and 7 grams of sugar only. Apart from that it also provides you with 3 grams of fiber. A good thing about this fruit is that it can also satiate your sweet cravings and give you a little boost with a nutrient profile.

• Berries: Blueberries, Raspberries and blackberries are some berries that are full of nutrients and have a very low level of sugar content unlike fruits like mango and bananas. It is one of the best fat-burning fruits. They are dense in nutrients and low in calorie. The fiber in the fruits helps in slowing down digestion and absorption of fruit sugar.

• Avocado: there are certain fruits that are a part of healthy diet and are rich in nutrients and minerals but does not really provide any help with weight loss and burning away the unwanted fat. This is the kind of fruit that helps in most cases. Most people can very well follow a restricted diet of carbohydrates but they fail to increase the metabolism rate and fat content required by their body to an optimal rate.

• Grapefruit: when eating a fruit for weight loss you must remember you need to eat one that makes you consume lesser calories than you actually burn. It has a very high water content and gives you a feeling of fullness and you only take very few calories. As a matter of fact it takes much more energy to digest grapefruit than it actually contains in calories. You must add this to a balanced diet and not just eat it with whatever you like and expect to lose weight.

• Any fruit: generally fruits tend to be 100 calories per serving. They are very high in fiber content and are a good source for vitamins and minerals for the body. They are also very filling because of the immense calories they contain. All fruits have different advantages. So if you follow a diet where you are eating an overall variety of fruits throughout the week it can be very beneficial.

7 Tips To Quit Smoking The Natural Way

May 3rd, 2014 by Amit Sen

Quit Smoking The Natural WayOnce you have decided to discontinue smoking you may desire to evade another harmful substance like a drug to help you out. Once you have compromised the main functioning of your body organs like liver, lungs and heart for many years with smoking, now is the moment to get innate.

1. Balanced- Before you step forward stop for sometime take a deep breath and let the irritation dissolve. Dispersing the strain and irritation in the first moment is the best thing.

2. Body care- Try to consume healthy foods, drink ample of water, breathe well and walk in the sunlight. These things will make your body fit. Avoiding cigarette is a huge change for your body.

3. Breathe- Without smoking cigarettes; try to blow out the troubles from your life. Make a mindful effort to take a slow and deep breath. In this way exhale tension and inhale life.

4. Caring- Take care of your wants, express your feelings and let yourself feel good. All these things will shift your heart away from smoking and will lead you to a new loving life.

5. Change- A change in attitude, lifestyle and perspective will come as you stop smoking. Provide yourself time and chance to discover the skill, accept new habits, build up new relationships and develop new pattern of behaviour. You can change your idol and you can be successful.

6. Choice-
Quitting smoking is fairly a personal affair that eventually rests on your personal decisions that you make. Until and unless you make that decision you cannot step further to make your life happier. You are the master of your own luck. Make such choices that will lead you a better life tomorrow.

7. Creativity- Sing, dance, and draw decorate, make designs and write. When you connect your body with such creative spirit you will feel something good.

How to strengthen knees

April 25th, 2014 by Amit Sen

strengthen kneesDuring our lifetime the knees take a constant pounding whenever we walk or run or do anything. This is the main reason why so many people are suffering from knee pain. If you have not been associated with sports or with any exercise then there might be chances that you may face the same thing in the near future. The main reason why people face knee problems is because over the years there are internal micro damages which causes the bones to stick together and as a result of the friction they start to decay. This causes the pain and further knee problems. Knees should always be pain free and mobile and the longer you stay active the better it is for you and your knees. There are several ways to strengthen your knees which would keep them pain free for the coming years. Here are some of the tips which you can follow:

• Stationery biking- biking has always been a good exercise. It not only keeps the body fit by promoting the blood flow but also strengthens the knees. With stationary biking the knees will get more stamina and mobility as it helps to promote a range of motion while paddling.

• Water therapy- this is also known as pool therapy which helps to reduce the pressure of bodyweight while doing any exercise. When you are in water your bodyweight decreases. This concept is followed when you are doing exercise in a pool and it has great results for the body especially for the knees. In water you will have the control over the resistance which has to be provided to the knees.

• Weight training- weight training should not be confused with weight lifting. Weight training is basically an exercise where you have to sit with your legs extended. In this position you would need to take up some weight which would help to absorb the bodyweight thus strengthening your knees and the areas around the biceps.

Dental cavity prevention tips

February 14th, 2014 by Amit Sen

Dental cavity prevention tipsCavities are one of the most painful oral menaces. These are the holes on your teeth formed due to oral bacteria infection and might result in complete fall out of the teeth if not treated on time. Thus, you have to be careful about a proper oral hygiene to ensure prevention of dental cavity. The write up below offers some tips that would help in effective dental cavity protection.

Regular brushing

This is the most important steps when it comes to prevention of dental cavity. Make sure to brush minimum twice daily while some dentists even advice to brush thrice- one in the morning, another post lunch and the last one after dinner. The after-dinner brushing is the most significant. Be careful to brush upside down and also above the wider teeth located at the gum ends.

Fluoride rich toothpaste

Fluoride is very essential for a thorough oral cleaning. Hence you must count on fluoride rich toothpaste for your regular brushing needs.


Mere brushing won’t be enough- you must make sure to use a mouthwash for a good floss after brushing. Go for a fluoride based mouthwash and use it daily, especially after your dinner.

Tooth-healthy foods

You must know that the starch and sugar rich foods are some of the leading reasons behind cavity or tooth decay. Hence you have to be careful about your diet- cut down on your junk, chocolate and other sorts of sweetened intake. This is especially significant for children who are most common victims of tooth decay given their soft corner for the chocolates and candies. Count on fresh fruits & vegetables rather as well cheese, sugar-free gum, unsweetened coffee & tea.

Annual dental visit

Many people ignore a dentist visit and only hit the chamber when there is a severe problem. But it’s of utmost importance that you visit your dentist at least once a year so that you can aware of the possible problems.

Treat Sinus Infection

January 3rd, 2014 by Amit Sen

Treat Sinus InfectionSinus infections are always irritants leading to painful headaches, high temperature and severe pain in nose & eyes. The sad part is that with 37 millions of Americans diagnosed with sinus problems every year it’s common to find sinus infection in almost every house today. In case you have a sinus patient at home there are some really quick home remedies to follow that can assure some quality. The article here is a brief on how to treat sinus infection effectively.

Before delving into the remedies, you must know how to ensure a sinus-friendly environ at your home. The ENT specialists always suggest a neither too humid nor too dry indoor ambience.

Now, let’s look at the treatment tips.

• First of all, you have to maintain right amount of fluid level in the body. The ENT specialists always suggest taking to fluids in plenty to ensure runny mucus. It’s to mention here that the thick mucus blocked in the sinus cavities that cause the sinus infection and hence you have to take steps to assure easy drainage of the mucus from the cavities. The doctors advise opting for hot soups & broths as well as herbal teas such as fenugreek, sage & anise.
• Another important remedy is sinus flush. If you are down with the sinus infection, you must make it a point to flush out sinuses as often possible all through the day.
• Hot compresses are really effective when you are down with the sinus issue. Soak a small clean handtowel in warm water, squeeze lightly & then place the towel on the face. You must apply pressure around and on sinus areas. It would help to loosen the thick mucus blocking the cavities and improve blood flow that in turn would help to expel infected mucus easily.

Getting Rid of Ringworm

December 30th, 2013 by Amit Sen

Getting Rid of RingwormRingworm refers to a kind of fungal infection in which your skin is covered with blister, darkened rings, scaling and red rings. This infection is caused by fungi that are called the dermatophytes. Ringworm can occur in any area of your body such as your nails, chest, feet, hands, scalp and so on. The most dangerous fact about ringworm is that it is contagious. Therefore if you have ringworm then make sure that you get rid of it as soon as possible. This article will put forward certain effective ways of eradicating ringworm once and for all.

The area that is affected by ringworm must be cleaned appropriately with some soap. The Selsun Blue shampoo will be perfect as it will help reduce ringworm infection. By cleaning the ringworm infected area, the spread of dermatophytes (fungus) will be slowed down. After cleaning it you can apply an anti-fungal cream such as Lamaism because the cream will remove the infection. You will then just have to cover up the area with a bandage.

There are certain herbs that are extremely effective on ringworm infections such as butea, holy basil, leadwort, lemon grass, turmeric and so on. So you can utilize any of these to treat your ringworm disease.

You must not consume sour food items like sour fruits, vegetables, cheese, curd etc. if you have the infection. Avoid oily and fatty food items as well. In addition to these stay away from highly spicy foods, chocolates, beverages and preserved food. Eat bitter food items and keep your diet simple and natural. Consume green vegetables as much as possible.

Mustard paste and raw papaya juice can also be useful in reducing ringworm disease. Keep applying coconut oil in the infected area so that it does not become dry. Regularly have a bath and keep yourself absolutely clean.

Know-how on proper oral hygiene

December 13th, 2013 by Amit Sen

proper oral hygieneA pearly white set of teeth is certainly on the wish list of many. Yes, your teeth play a key role in defining your appearance and hold the ability to make or break it for you. Thus, you should always be careful about a proper oral hygiene. The article here sheds some light on how to ensure effective oral care.

Timely and careful brushing

This is the most basic tip when it comes to oral care. You have to brush twice daily- once after the first big meal of the day- say a brunch or lunch- and another before getting to bed at night. Use the brush vertically on your teeth and don’t forget to rub the corner most teeth-tops. You have to keep the brush covered always and make sure to get a new brush after 6-7 months.

Detergent foods

There are some foods that work as natural teeth cleaners while you eat them. These are apple, raw carrot, popcorn and celery. Eat any of these after a heavy meal to ensure a thorough teeth clean-up naturally- in case brushing isn’t possible after the meal.

Use mouthwash

Mouthwash is much needed to ensure a refreshing breath and proper floss. The dentists advise a mouthwash routine at least 4 times a week.

Stay away from harmful foods

You know there are some foods that are seriously harmful for your teeth by their own means. These are coffee, alcohol, colas and sweetened foods. Try to avoid them as much as possible and make sure to brush your teeth properly after a session with these.

Stop or cut down smoking

It’s impossible to achieve the pearly white teeth if you are a chain smoker.

Annual dentist visit

You must get yourself a dentist visit at least once in a year to assure that all your teeth problems are attended on time.